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  • Anybody Into Trucks?

    I just joined this forum. It looks fun.

    I thought I would ask if anybody is into pickup trucks. I have gotten to where I like lowered 2wd short bed pickups better than muscle cars. I see quite a few nice older trucks locally. I've noticed 80's Chevies and 70's Fords are getting more popular.

    I picked this truck up a little over a year ago. You see Fords and Chevies (nothing wrong with that), but you never see Dodges of this vintage. When I take it out, people notice it because most 70's-80's Dodges are beat.

    It is a slant 6 truck that has been converted to big block. It currently has a smog era 440 under the hood. I have lowered it 4"/6", swapped the wheels, and fixed a few small things. I am currently rounding up parts for a 451 (400 block/440 crank) build up.

    I also have this truck that I bought brand new. It is a 1998. In that time, I've only lowered it. I spent too much money building my 1985 Shelby Charger and didn't have the money or time for my truck.

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    Nice iron, man!!!!

    There's lots of us here that love some pick 'em up action!
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      welcome aboard ya there is some truck guys here.nICE LOOKING TRUCKS , he is mine
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        I love that '67 C. I'm a Mopar guy at heart, but I'm also a big fan of the 67-72 GM trucks. I've seen a few really nice mid 80's GM trucks that have gotten me to digging those too.


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          Thanks if it makes ya feel better about the bowtie love it has a 440 in it. it is a 440 CI small chevy lol.I dig tho older boxy dodges like yours too buddy had one growing up always good.


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            I'd take a picture of my truck, but I'm too busy using it to haul parts
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              Originally posted by M Kevin View Post
              I just joined this forum. It looks fun.


              That's badass, welcome to Bangshift.
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                My 5.0/T5 Ranger:

                Video: I finally rev it at the end...
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                  Nice Ranger. That 5.0 looks like it was born there.


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                    Nice selection of Trucks gentlemen! Love em all! Here is my 1/2 ton Ford...
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                      Yea 1 minutes its this, then the next it something else and about 3 more in between!!!


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                        I'm into trucks.....this is Earl......383/5-speed/3:73 posi/28,000 miles. Welcome to BS, you're gonna love it here!

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                          sadly, it's dirty, and there's a tree growing out of it's snout... I love it, and it never got a chance to not be a truck:

                          Click image for larger version

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                            I like a dodge ram, and have owned my fair share...but your vintage rig is light years cooler than any of the ones I have owned...

                            The lowered stance is killer...nice job man!
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                              Big Dad sees the Mopart Hauler he'll get a woodie.
                              Welcome aboard - lotsa stagecoaches here.
                              Here's the one I like the most - kinda dance with what brung ya.

                              and the one I drive the most -
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