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2012 North American International Auto Show: Photos and Coverage

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  • 2012 North American International Auto Show: Photos and Coverage

    Yesterday I made my annual trek to the North American International Auto Show. I was truly impressed with what I saw, and can say with confidence, the auto industry is back. I saw many promising products, and feel that the performance segment is as strong as ever. You will quickly see that I tend to concentrate on a certain genre of cars, and if shopping for the ideal family car is what you're in the market for, you will be greatly disappointed. The best of show, in my opinion, was the Falcon F7, built right here in Holley, Michigan. Truly a car of beauty! Hope you enjoy my coverage and photos. Stay tuned, as Detroit's Autorama is just around the corner!

    2012 North American International Auto Show Coverage
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    Love your pictures and commentary.

    I saw a picture of the Dodge Dart somewhere but the picture was shopped alot, from that picture I though it looked pretty neat and if I waa a 20yr old I would really think on that one. After seeing your more real life picture I don't really like it either. I too was hoping it would give the japanese cars a run for the money but sadly perhaps not...

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      I agree with just about everything you wrote there. Lovin the yellow Challenger and the 300 c is my choice for a new family car as well.Im very disappointed in that new Caddy flagship.