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I finally found out what a Hagerty policy won't cover

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    Bonus! Woohoo!

    (I drove a Jeep CJ for years, and that was a step up from an old Beetle, your Buick has nothing in it to scare me off, at least weather-wise.)
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      Damn dude... Weeks like this is when I go crawl back under the rock I keep for just such occasions... When the DD, the truck, and the toy all get dinged, it's time to park them all and let the karma go bad all over a rental - yeesh... <cringe/>
      Livin the dream


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        ah... but here's the cool part.

        I know it'll all work out for good
        yep, the truck cost me a bunch; but I found out after that my mechanic friend really really really needed the work (I paid a fair price for the work done and used his parts) and this transmission is 100x better than what was in there.
        the Buick is covered by insurance and the check will pay for a complete respray and good bodywork
        the GTO is getting fixed under warranty - and could end up to be quite a nice upgrade... 500 miles from now, I'd been SOL

        Most times I tell people about the junk in my life because I know it'll work out for the good. Even the emergency surgery I had a couple months back now lets me eat spicy foods again (before milk would cause indigestion).
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