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Co-Worker got boned on a truck "dea" what are some of your stories?

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    Originally posted by Runner1972 View Post
    Co-worker bought pretty much a lemon 00' Silverrado for $11,000. Went to one of the local dealerships and they printed out a carfax report about 9 pages long cause he can't afford it now and wants to trade it in:

    -He's the 6th owner
    -Started it's life up in Canada as a fleet truck
    -The Transmission/ECM got replaced at less then 1,000 miles
    -J-Titled out of Upstate NY and got taken back by the dealer Moyle Chevy.
    -It was bounced from auction to auction till it ended up in wilkes barre stealership.

    He's got plans to go after the dealer that sold him the truck now.

    The truck is only worth $2,000 now by a trade-in at Fairway near my house and the problems with the truck is going to cost more then it's worth. I hope it works out for him and he can afford it, cause if he tries to ask me for money I'll give him a black eye

    What are some of your guys stories?
    R U saying he got the Carfax AFTER buying the truck?