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New Member Monicalee... be nice to her.. :)

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    Originally posted by milner351 View Post

    My Mom always says a couple should wall paper a room and assemble a BBQ grille before getting engaged to see if they really can work together - seems DW might be an even better test?
    If thats the case , I should go file for Divorce today!
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      Welcome Ms Monicalee!
      I am not always nice but I will be nice to you!
      That awkward moment when you realize it IS your circus and those ARE your monkeys!


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        I read her name to be "Moni-cal-ee". lol

        Therefore, thou shalt be called Moni-cal-ee henceforth and forevermore.

        Life is short. Be a do'er and not a shoulda done'er.
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          Sounds like a Magic spell Ala Ka Zamm
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            Well I'LL be nice to Miss Monica. I'm in favor of more ladies being involved in Hot Rods, even if just thru BS. But then, I NEVER thought girls had cooties - I thought they were pretty interesting.

            So where's her opening post?



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              Originally posted by JeffMcKC View Post
              Sounds like a Magic spell Ala Ka Zamm
              Isn't that a strain of Marijuana??..........


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                Originally posted by DanStokes View Post
                So where's her opening post?

                You know, Dan, you're one of the nicest guys on here - but still you're starting in on her early? you'd think you'd give her the chance to at least say hi before you impugn her character
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                  What is this word 'nice' you speak of? May I be cordial, affable, or neighborly instead? I can make an attempt to be those, but no promises. Anyway, its nice to have another member of the softer gender around here despite the cootie danger. Just waiting to hear from her, but I assume she is intimidated or skeered, or perhaps she is still busy with Beagle.