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So, you're cruising down the highway in your dump truck with the bed up...

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  • So, you're cruising down the highway in your dump truck with the bed up...

    doesn't take long for things to go wrong.

    This happened local to me in Indiana, PA. Apparently the driver forgot to disengage the PTO drive after dumping and bumped the lift lever while he was driving. The firefighters on the scene reported damage to the hood of the dump truck. After doing a little investigation they concluded that the damage was from the bottom of the bridge! Apparently the truck did a serious wheelie before the bed broke free. That must have been a wild ride!
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    Boy, I drove a tractor-trailer dump for years and the idea of crashing a underpass was bothersome. Seen the aftermath of it 2 different times. I always kept a check on the PTO and up/down levers while going down the road in case it jumped into gear over that last bump. A quick mirror check well before the next underpass becomes a natural habit.
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      About 10 years ago we had two guys in a garbage truck do the same thing. The cab was one of the stand up style cab over trucks, they weren't so lucky.


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        Can you imagine having to call the boss and tell him that happened.....

        we have a railroad underpass behind where I work , at least twice a year somebody thumps it. ( real low, our f350 2wd wrecker is VERY close) . I think its 8'6" , (I havent looked in 6 months. ) normally, its a rental box van going to fast! Funny what a steering wheel does to teeth!
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          I have never understood this stupidity...
          until my dad calls me again to tell me the flatbed unhooked frm the pintle taking a left turn, after just hooking it up.

          there are errors out there, that is one..
          but to be manually in charge with levers right fu****g next to you? Come on.
          CDL needs to get tougher apparently.

          the odds of an audi quattros inner gear grabbing the outer into a stuck throttle position have far greater chances of happening.
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            I handle a fatal where the truck driver had loaded a fork lift and left the forks up. Everything was fine till he got to that one low overpass on the interstate. The top of the boom on the forklift hit the overpass, broke it's straps and landed on the highway where a car ran into at about 60 mph.
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              A couple years ago there was some one with a back hoe on a trailer that made it through half the bridge!
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                Happened to a guy out here a few years ago. Went under a pedestrian overpass and knocked it down on the cab, flattening it. Poor bugger was still alive for a little bit, begging for help but of course no one could do anything to lift several tonnes of concrete off of him. He died shortly after.
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