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The Lost ART of Change Counting....

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    I have had to train the local Braums when I stop by for a cone. They used to try to hand me the waffle cone (it won't stand up by itself, ya know), and THEN hand me the change and the receipt. After I dropped two cones, I went in and literally screamed at the manager, and MADE him do it right with other customers hitting the drive-up window. After all, they have a little stainless steel stand right there to set the cone in while they do other things. The girls all do it right now... but I wonder how long before the turnover in girls and managers makes it necessary for me to go in again and create a scene. (I ain't shy about creating friction when I'm in the right)
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      Pisses me off too. The clerk at the gas 'n sip I stop at every morning puts the change on top of the bills then hands it to me. If you not carefull the change falls off onto the counter and then the floor.
      Just groovin' to my own tune.


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        Thank You!Thank You!Thank You!
        It's not just me.


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          I blame it on Mc Donalds. I dont use the drive thru for the same reason bills on bottom change on ground!
          The computer says that the change from the $20 is $3.53. They take the $3.00 out and then figure out the coins.
          When I was 18 or 19 I worked for a department store. We did not have computer run cash registers. We trained for 3 days on how to make change. What to do if there were no coins of a certain denomination available etc. I still use that process but will on occasion use the amount tendered button when my brain is not working well. You know gave me $20.39 on a $3.59 sale.
          $16.80 change.


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            Originally posted by TC View Post
            I filled one of those 5 gallon water jugs completely with change and it totaled out at just under $2500..........
            I have a fishbowl I found in a junk car that I've been filling up for over a year. It'll be interesting to see how much money is holds.


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              I was talking with a guy the other day at work and he was talking about...well, not a totally different scenario. It was back when the senior-most company person on a group trip paid the bill at a restaurant. Nowadays...well, those days are over. It's Dutch all the way.

              So the the waitron (is that politically correct?) brings the bill to the table, hands it to Lead Guy. Lead guy whips out his company credit card and says, "Add 10 percent for the tip."

              Waitron says, I can't.

              Why not?

              Because I left my cell phone at home tonight.

              What thu...what's your cell phone got to do with it, why you can't add a 10 percent tip?

              Because my cell phone has a calculator on it.

              It was a 160-dollar tab. He said, just add 16 bucks for the tip.
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