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Eddie Hill picture treasure trove.........

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  • Eddie Hill picture treasure trove.........

    My boy is doing a paper for school about famous things that happened in Chowchilla...he's 13yo asked if anything BESIDES the Chowchilla School Bus Kidnapping happened in sat him down and explained the Legend of Eddie "The Texan" Hill ...and how in the summer of 1982 he did the unthinkable... He brought a boat to our lake for an event....and set the world on fire... I explained the boat was built to set the record. It was lighter and thinner than any boat that had ever been built. It weighed 1/3 less than the other T/F boats of the day. So in his research on Eddie Hills shocking 229.00 MPH pass in 1982 he uncovered this trove of pics....enjoy.

    Here's Kenny Youngbloods AWESOME painting titled.... 229...
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    Great pics, but my mind somehow saw Benny Hill
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      Great Stuff! Thanks for the heads up....
      Time Wasters...


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        Lots of cool pics.
        I remember seeing Eddie at the track, he would stay as long as there were people standing around signing autographs and just talking. Unlike a few other drivers who you never saw.
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        also boost will make the cam act smaller


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          ed and ercie are just the best people


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            Loved Fuzzy

            My best memory of Eddie's team was Fuzzy man he would talk to you for hours after Races about how and why he tried this and that for Nitro Tune up.

            He was a great person and still miss his smiling face at the track!


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              Eddie is one of my all time favorites. I loved the nuclear banana.
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