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  • A Thread About Poop

    We were up on the top of Mount Mitchell yesterday. A great Red Ride.

    We started back down and Unit said, "Where's the nearest bathroom?"

    Uh-oh. Probably back at the top. Turned around and back up and the place was closed. No facilities.

    Gave up. Going down the mammoth hill, I asked, "Maybe you can pee on a tree?" The nearest bathroom is 50 miles away.

    Unit said, "No, I have to POOP!"

    Oh shit. Now we're in trouble. This is wilderness.

    Getting desperate. A 45-degree incline up to the tent camping area.

    End of the road. There was an outhouse, a Porta-Potty. We were tearing the car apart, looking for some paper.

    Never mind, they had some in the Porta-Potty.

    Prepare folks, wherever you go. Take it with you.
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    Ummm.... too much information?
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      Did everything come out all right in the end? :-)
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        She didn't have a pound of tissue in her purse?
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          Oh hell yeah when in that situation you definalty need a roll with you .


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            I had alot of things in my purse, but tissue wasn't one of them.


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              TMI, for sure.

              Still, a dire circumstance.

              And the portapotty he found for my wasn't near as nasty as that Maxton race we went to.

              So there.


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                You need one of these....

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                  Glad you found SOMETHING. As you age you'll learn that bodily functions are nothing to trifle with. In fact, they can change your whole life, at least in that moment. So no, not TMI.



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                    Originally posted by Bamfster View Post
                    You need one of these....

                    Oh hell yeah, we'dda paid for that yesterday. How often are most folks 50 miles from a restroom? Not often, but it pays to be prepared.

                    That'll look great on Red. He's already got mud on his butt again from driving in the rain yesterday. Why is it always his butt?

                    Yeah, we'll get that and have a real distinction - the fastest outhouse in Bradley County Tennessee. Or wherever we are at the time...
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