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If you missed the original 67-71 Trans Am series watch this!

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  • If you missed the original 67-71 Trans Am series watch this!

    Leave it to the Aussies to bring back the real sights and sounds of the golden age of Trans-Am in the US.
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    So much win!!.I dig the powerslides in the last rounds..


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      are the fords going to win this time lol?? ..I know 1970 lol


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        If only the commentator would SHUT UP
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          Thanks Bill, I brings back the Ol Days when I was a kid helping out on the Stafford "Star of Kansas City cars" two Mustang B production one boss 429, one boss 302, and a A production Corvette. I was the smalllest at the time so I got to put them in the trailer and polish wheels and what ever grunt work they pointed me too. Ours set lower and had flairs on them
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