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  • Another What is it Thread??

    While on the "Old Iron Company Garage Tours" this weekend we came across this. While talking with the previous finder of this piece, he said it was from California and was stored in a warehouse in Sioux City, IA where he came across it. By the looks it would appear 70's or 80's paint. Power is Honda 750, it appears that the canopy has been cut. Anyone seen this before? Curious if this is a one off custom or was this a production piece?

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    I'd say it's a custom for the show circuit.

    However, Garlits always said the ultimate dragster would have one big tire in the backl
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      You Bastards!!! I'm losing my mind over this.

      I spent an hour or so looking up reverse trikes this morning, there was a site called that might be helpful. It looks kind of Barris like and I got sidetracked by that for a bit.

      I remember seeing something like this when I was a kid, maybe at an Autorama? There were a couple of "wild cars" books in my elementary school library, maybe that was were. I've been beating myself up trying to remember where, somebody help me! lol.
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        death in a wedge?
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          Click image for larger version

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