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2005 Saab 9-5

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  • 2005 Saab 9-5

    So I decided to face defeat in finding a Taurus/Sable wagon in a recent vintage and look at other wagons. A 2005 Saab 9-5 Aero popped up on Craigslist at a local pot-lot dealer and the wife and I went and test drove it with the 2yr old riding along complaining about how it was the second time in a day we'd strapped into a carseat.

    Short summary, I loved the surpisingly torquey 2.3L, paddle shifters, and the taunt ride. The wife loved the room, the heated seats, and the similar size to our Lincoln LS. We both liked how easy it was to get the car seat and kid in and out of the backseat, the styling, and good of condition it was.

    Despite the bankruptcy, the parts availibility looks good and nothing seems out of line expensive for parts. Does anyone have any experience with these cars to say long term reliability or maintenance issues?

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    As long as the service guidelines are followed, they seem to do ok...


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      Funny you posted this. I pass a used car lot every day going to work that specialized in Saabs. I stopped yesterday to take a quick look see. I thought they were very nice, well taken care of cars. Maybe the people who buy them in the first place tend to take better care of them? Anyway if I needed to buy a used car, this would be on my short list. I saw a very clean 02 turbo model on fleabay with 114,000 with a BIN of $4650 listed by a dealer with 100% rating in WV. Funny, I'm going to Maryland next week to help my son move....
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