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Daytona 500 2012

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  • Daytona 500 2012

    Since noone else said it...EFI rocks!

    And...Danica Patrick did well, IMO...she finished the race.

    And...Ford won!!!

    And Jr. took second(not the win...but very close)


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    The guys with fuel pressure issues probably did not agree. haha

    Danica just had a tough week. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I liked how in the post race interview Jr. was talking up the Roush cars, then had a "what am I doing" moment and suddenly switched to his car/team/engine builders.
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      Yeah, I know I've been hard on Danica. Bottom line is she's a spoiled rich twit trying to mix it up with the Big Boys, but yes, she "got" wrecked in all three races she ran this weekend. I was most impressed...well more impressed than usual with her demeanor, that after she got punted with two turns to go in the Dual race, she said, "Maybe the backup car is even faster." She actually talked. She was composed, even after getting wrecked.

      Maybe she'll do. I'm not gonna watch every race for sure, but the tidbits will tell. I think that for most guys in the stands and on the other end of the TV, we all wish we could ride HER, if only she would just shut up. She's getting there. Somebody's coaching her, and it seems like it's working. She's a damned good, did that come out of ME?
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        they got the fire problem fixed only like efi cause one eyed jack found the most hp with it


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          they got the fire problem fixed only like efi cause one eyed jack found the most hp with it
          Seems to me Jack has been finding horsepower for a long, long time.
          Anyone remember the Gapp & Roush Tijuana Taxi?
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            hendrick engines has pounded jack into submission for the last 8 years he got the jump ..congratulations ..see ya at phoenix


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              In the end it will be the driver and not the car that makes the difference.
              Keep smiling,makes them wonder whats on your mind.


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                bottom line - it was a great race imo, its one of very few nascar races I watch - the daytona 500, both dega races, bristol night race, and the road coarses
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