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  • What To Do 1970 Challenger?

    It's kind of a strange story, but ended up with this 1970 Dodge Challenger.

    Way back when in the late 80's-90, I was building cars and moving a lot of muscle. One of the cars I dealed on was a '71 R/T Challenger out of Fresno, CA, which I picked up for 1000 bucks along with a trade for an iron Six Pack set-up off a '70 Charger, plus an AirGrabber 383 Road Runner air cleaner. Well, in 1991 I moved to New Zealand, and was out of the country for five years. I literally just put padlocks on the shop doors and left Dodge city. When I got back, it turned out that my shop had been robbed, and one of the things ripped off was the left front fender from the 71 Challenger. Man was I hot!

    It was well before AMD started making those fenders again, so I was looking to find a used one. One way or another I connected with some desert rat parts-peddler out in Acton, CA, He sold me a fender for the Challenger. When I stripped it, the thing turned out full of bondo and rust, just ugly. It only added to my fury and rage over having been robbed and losing that fender.

    I had been thinking about the heist, and the one distinctive factor was that Challenger fender. I had only known one man who might have had an interest in that part. Craig was one of those guys you always get when you run a shop with lots of cool cars. He'd swing by just to see what's been happening, and jawbone about cars. The thing was, Craig was a full-blown Schizophrenic, with madness coursing through his mind that you wouldn't believe. The lithium did help, though. He was on SSI disability for his mental health, and told tales of how he clearly heard Ronnie James Dio speaking to him with evil intent. Craig confessed that the voices often directed him to rape and kill. Craig also had a 1970 Challenger.

    So, I stewed on it and though I hadn't seen Craig in over 6 years, I called and he answered. I said, "Craig, you know I haven't spoken to you in a long time.” He replied, "Steve you were my angel, talking to you helped me a lot with the demons inside me." I felt very uncomfortable with that statement. I continued with, "Craig, my fender got ripped off; someone took the fender off my Challenger, and you are the only guy I know with a Challenger." He responded, "Steve, you know I would never steal from you." Sensing opportunity, I asked, "Well then, Craig, why don't you sell me your Challenger?" His response, predictably, was, "How much will you give me for it?" I offered $500. Much to my surprise, Craig's reaction was to state, "What, are you trying to do, do me a favor?" I followed by saying, Okay, Craig, I'll give you $300 for it, and the deal was struck, and it has been sitting around ever since.

    The body of the car is pretty clean. So, what should I do with it?
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    My buddy Dave will give you $400 for it. Seriously though, I'd build it into a driver and drive the snot out of it, like this.

    Click image for larger version

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      Way less rust than my brothers 70, but his is red. Hell stuff a 451 in it with some Stage V heads, for science.... If I had it then I would have a home for the 383 and 727 I have laying around, just need to find some 906 heads and the parts to go inside it. Would be a very fun ride like that.


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        You are KILLING me here...
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          Make it run. Then drive it.

          BTW, it's very similar to one I nearly bought from Memory Lane. They had a green challenger with fresh paint and decent interior (just tossed in the car), but no drive train. I had dreams of a cheap hemi car to drive, but couldn't get the cash in time.
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            Nice shell. I'd restomod the snot out it. Modern hemi, blower, performance suspension, the works.

            See, it's really easy to spend your time and money for you.


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              Turbo slant six. Just to piss everyone off.
              I'm probably wrong


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                I dunno, I would probably get a paintroller and roll the car semi-gloss black. Paint the frontfenders in primer only.
                Definitly keep the cop wheels, pop some dogdishes on and use dropspindles and some blocks to lower it a good 3".
                As for motorvation take something you have lying around. In my case that would be a bigblock. Probably a stroker aswell.
                Bonuspoints if supercharged.

                Then call it "Triple-F"... as in "Found my Front Fender" orso.


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                  Originally posted by dulcich View Post
                  It's kind of a strange story, but ended up with this 1970 Dodge Challenger.

                  ....The body of the car is pretty clean. So, what should I do with it?
                  It doesn't take Ronnie James Dio whispering in my ear to make me jealous, or a real genius to figure out what my first answer was (give it to me).

                  Assuming that doesn't happen, JY Jewel another 318 and drive it after you insure thehell out of it. I'd hate to see it get stolen, but I'd love the see one get driven that the owner doesn't think is worth 750,000.00 ...does it have a man pedal? Needs one. Maybe get it out of the stratosphere a little. Soft eights might look good on it if you can't find some Hurricanes.. Slots wouldn't be too bad.

                  Click image for larger version

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                  window seals, fix the interior, A/C! (gets hot here) keep the original color if you repaint it?

                  Click image for larger version

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                  I kinda dug the torque curve on the JY jewel 318 you did a few years back, I bet it would be fun as hell in this car.
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                    Looks pretty good. That would probably make a nice daily driver, but I guess it all depends on what particular automotive niche you need to fill. It's like a blank canvas - it could be a drag car, track car, cruiser, pro-touring, clone. Drag Week? I'd probably do a Challenger T/A clone with a 408 stroker small block and a 5-speed manual. The late model Hemi swaps look pretty cool too, but that's probably not the cheapest route.

                    I've got a base 318 '70 Barracuda, and I've got most of what I'd need to make it into a 'cuda 440+6 clone, so that's probably what it will end up as, with some upgrades for driveability. If I ever get to it.


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                      Hot Rod Magazine is real into the toky0 drift scene //an idea


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                        2jz power it
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                          GMPP 502/502 it


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                            Originally posted by dulcich View Post
                            The body of the car is pretty clean. So, what should I do with it?
                            Take the fender off, put it on the other challenger, and crush the rest of the car.
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                              Originally posted by Gary 351C View Post
                              My buddy Dave will give you $400 for it. Seriously though, I'd build it into a driver and drive the snot out of it, like this.

                              Didn't that guy finally hit a bulldozer with it? Sometime after meeting the naked girl on the motorcycle, I think...
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