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I had a blast this weekend!

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  • I had a blast this weekend!

    It all started Friday night. I met up with my gal in Lawrence and we went down on Massachussetts Street and walked around a bit, trying to decide of which restaurant to partake. We finally settled on Ingredients because they had a really good jazz band playing. We enjoyed our meals and went back out on the street to enjoy the atmosphere of downtown Lawrence. An early bedtime was the best thing as we had to rise early and start our day with a St. Patrick's Day parade followed by a walk across the bridge over the Kansas River to Johnny's Tavern for a couple beers and a killer pizza (I highly recommend the pie they call "The Goat").

    We then walked the 1-1/2 miles back to our car and found our way back to the house where we loaded up the bikes on the rack and headed out to the dirt trails along the Kansas River. We only rode for about 5 miles, but it was a hoot! I used to tear up some BMX bikes back in my younger days, but until recently I had not been trail riding on a mountain bike. I had a blast, right up until I came down off of a jump and bent my seat. For the remainder of the ride, I had to stand up on the pegs to avoid the uncomfort of the badly deformed saddle.

    We loaded up the bikes and headed back to the house where we spent the remainder of the evening grilling chicken (low & slow, I might add) and vegetables. I like shish kabobs as much as the next guy, but my gal showed me the lazy man's way to shish kabob flavor without all the skewer hassle. She has a stainless steel basket that we threw all the veggies in on the grill along with some seasonings and olive oil to get the veggies browned without burning. MMMM... red bell pepper, green bell pepper, carrots, onions, broccoli, cale, mushrooms and grape tomatoes along with grilled chicken and a tall boy PBR made for a powerful good meal. Off to slumberland...

    Sunday morning rolled around with a peaceful cup of coffee and breakfast with the lady. Then it was off to Stilwell to pick up a bumper for my Road Runner I found on Craigslist. It isn't show quality, but it is a good driver and will rechrome nicely. I forked over a bill and a half for it, dropped the fold down portion of my rear seat in the Neon and deposited the B-body bumper through the trunk into the passenger area. Now it was time to jet back to pick up Laurie and head to Topeka for a tux fitting.

    Stilwell is a little bitty burg located south of Overland Park, KS. I headed out on I-435 and caught the K-10 exit back to Lawrence. As soon as I rolled onto K-10, I met up with a group of exotic sports cars that were just merging onto the highway. The group included a pair of Lamoborghinis, a Ferrari, three Vipers (including a Snakeskin Green ACR), two Lotus Exiges, a Porsche EVT 750 and believe it or not, a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8. I mixed it up with this group all the way from I-435 into Lawrence with a big stupid smile on my face.

    I picked up my gal and zipped off to Topeka where we had lunch with my friends who have a wedding rapidly approaching. Johnny and I have been good buds for several years and he has asked me to be his best man. This entails wearing a tux, fighting off the ill effects of a hangover and giving a speech about my buddy... Hell, yeah, I can do this! LOL. His fiancee, Karen, whipped up a really nice meal of roasted chicken with mashed taters, gravy and biscuits. Om nom nom nom... Got fitted for my tux and took off and left the ladies so we could get in a round of disc golf before dark.

    After a round of golf, I picked up Laurie and we headed out to enjoy a nice Chinese restaurant in downtown Topeka where we enjoyed spring rolls and hot & sour soup. Yum!

    So, how was your weekend?

    Ron Ward
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    Legendary cheap date here.
    We drove up to Mike's then cruised around the mud in this caddyClick image for larger version

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    ...(these are private roads at about 4 miles per hour so don't freak out about drinking and driving!)
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      I'm Irish and it was St Patrick's day ..... how do you think my weekend went?
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        It started out I had to work saturday so I was in bed early friday night, 5:30 came too early and i was out the door before 6am since I had to drive to a different store location to help them out since they were behind on work. I get out of there at 12:30pm, head to a swap meet bout 15 minutes from there, meet some new people, and since im wearing my BS work shirt and backwards ballcap a number of peeps came up to me thinking I was chad and thanking me for the March Meet, I then had to tell them who I was and that I was better looking than chad and that im the local contributing photographer.

        I leave the swap meet round 3:30 and head into Houston to hit the local camera shop to ask a few questions, leaving the there I saw some graffiti artist tagging a building and shot some picks of them doing that and then hit a local burger joint for a quick bite to eat.

        I then heard over to HMP for their "pro mod shootout" it wasnt exactly what I expected, not a really good car count, a few cars mostly just test and tuning so I left there round 8:30, mind you by this time ive already got 15 hours into my day ........ do I go home

        hell no

        I head over to the dirt track that isnt too far from there and decide im gunna watch some racing, the races got started late, there was a big crash in a heat race that shut everything down for a while so i really didnt miss much. While there I find out a friend of mine had gotten back behind the while of his sons car having not raced in 31 years, ol eugene did pretty good finishing 16th out of 24 cars

        with the racing over, cars loaded back up and bs'ing in the pits I head out round 12:15 so by this time im wore out, ive been going for almost 19 hours and start to head home and what do I see while heading thru town at the local coin-op car wash, a winged sprint car ...... SUM BITCH, ive had this thing since the mid 90s about wanting to take a photo of a sprint car in a cash wash after seeing it after a world of outlaws race, U-TURN and back I go and shoot a number of pics and then I finally decided to need to get home.

        I roll into the driveway at 1:30am, 21 hours after leaving it

        heres a few pics from the day ...

        oh btw, thats 59 year old Eugene and the bottom of the track in the black car trying what he thought was a better line

        Charles W - BS Photographer at large


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          Originally posted by Bamfster View Post
          I'm Irish and it was St Patrick's day ..... how do you think my weekend went?
          The question is do you remember the weekend? My Irish friends say that any weekend you dont remember is a good weekend , And that they dont need a St. Patty to tear up the town!
          Reading , Pa
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