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  • studemax
    As I remember, 63's had two lights in the back - but it was popular to add a 3rd on either side, similar to many Chevys of the time.
    Of course, I was a Ford guy back then and might not remember correctly.

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    the infamous 63 split window

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  • pdub
    started a topic 63 Vette

    63 Vette

    Red and I were coming back from South Carolina this morning and passed one of these on I-40 east of Knoxville. The 4-lane part where the sign suggests 65 mph but everybody goes 85.

    Here are the facts I gathered in about 10 seconds maximum: It was silver. Dude was driving it I don't know how fast (slow). It had an antique tag on it and the guy had it in the next-to-fastest lane getting his doors blown off on both sides by a conveyor belt of cars going WAY faster.

    Dude was white-knuckle squeezing the wheel, staring straight ahead. He looked terrified, really. Coming up on it, I was so fixated with the three tail lights that I failed to even notice the split rear window. I don't know anything about Vettes, but it sure caught my eye.

    With the three tail lights, it had to be a 63 didn't it?

    Click image for larger version

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