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    Peewee, I think most cutouts are more forward around the cats. Right after the pipes drop down off the engine and start to level out would be a good place, turned out and not down. Maybe you can look around at Wilmington for ideas.


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      'Freek's got it right. The goal with cutouts is to release as much backpressure as possible so the idea is to bypass the whole system. When I ran the Celebrity the last time I cut the exhaust just ahead of the cat and then spliced it back together after the meet. Of course, I had a trailer to take it to the track in that condition. But any good muffler shop should be able to install cutouts (one for each bank) with no trouble. They just weld in.

      Guys - any clue what cutouts would do to the O2 sensors on PW's 'Stang? Would it be OK for a few miles of WOT? I'm not sure where the O2's are on that model.

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        After looking at pictures of 05 mustang mid pipes on google. My best GUESS is: the front O2s are very close to the manifold and the second set is in the cats, so it "SHOULD" be ok to put a cut out in the stright section of pipe between the cat and the H.
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