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  • Favorite Sammich?

    Thats sandwich for those not of the Western Pennsylvanian area. I know we have some cooks and folks who like to eat on here....

    I was thinking about is most often the case and have been really craving a sammich. Man how I do love me a good sammich.

    I can't say that there is any one place here that makes a sandwich I have to go to all the time but back home its Primani Brothers roast beef with fries coleslaw and fresh tomatos on Italian bread...out here...the sammiches leave little to be desired so I make my own...

    I am a Ruben fanatic, and I would kick a small child for a good cheese steak (with cheeze wiz, cuz thats the only way to do it)

    I would say its a toss up between the 3...I think with Primani Brothers inching in to the top..

    Whats your favorite
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    hot pastrami, swiss,
    no oil.
    toasted peppers any peppers and onions in butter.
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      Very smiliar tastes to mine.

      I love me a good sammich.

      Quality hamburger (its is a sammich afterall)
      Reuben (classic corned beef, but a pastrami in a pinch)
      Philly cheesesteak. I like 'em with onions, Frank's hot sauce and mushrooms. Not really a green pepper guy, hate the things.

      On a cold day, grilled ham and cheese with tomato soup.
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        She-ka-ga roast beef wit da hot peppa's
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          With all the meat sandwiches I am embarrassed to say I like a good old fashioned grilled cheese or a tuna salad...
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            Toasted French Bread - Brisket piled high - and provolone.
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              Sometime just a good PB&J. Grape and jiff on fresh white bread.
              I like a good reuban as well.

              A fried bologna sammy is good.

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                Park Deli in Port Chester NY ..chicken parm

                everything in jersey sucks ..I moved away , but my buddy Richie still eats at park deli every day
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                  Smoked goose liver and mustard on white. Yum yum.
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                    butter-cheese-bread and a hot skillet
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                      Charles W - BS Photographer at large


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                        I like a good pastrami on rye. PB and J are good, but you can't beat a pork BBQ sammich

                        OH YEAH
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                          I do believe the pbj sammich is an unsung culinary hero.... good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a midnight snack. Needs no refridgeration - great for camping (or drag week - I will have some in the car fo sho)

                          I'm of Italian heritage - so I lean toward the traditional Italian sub sandwich with proscuitto ham pastrami / salami, italian dressing, onions, tomatoes, and mozarella or provolone cheese.

                          I also like a good Reuben - has to be on toasted rye bread.

                          There's a little place called the Stone Haus restaurant outside Raymond Ohio (outside Marysville) that makes the best fried bologna sandwich I've ever had - grilled on a butteret skillet with an equally grilled vidalia onion slice half as thick as the nice thick slab of bologna on a toasted onion roll.

                          French dips really hit the spot sometimes too.
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                            Originally posted by JOES66FURY View Post
                            I am a Ruben fanatic, and I would kick a small child for a good cheese steak (with cheeze wiz, cuz thats the only way to do it)
                            Next time you come up to Phoenix, check out Scott's Generations for the Ruben, it's right around the corner from my house, my wife says it one of the best she's ever had and I'd have to concur........

                            As for the cheese steak, it's been awhile but Ray's Pizza makes some of the best I've ever had, their more on the north side of town, but well worth the travel IMO.........

                            Mmmmm, I'm hungry now...........


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                              Martin's potato bread, Mayo, Lebanon Sweet Balogna, american cheese, humus (yeah, I know), Dill pickle, lettuce, tomato, crushed sour cream and onion potato chips, and wasabi. That is a lot of different tastes competing for attention-- perfect.

                              Artery clogger-- grilled cheese sammich, two 1/2 lb burger patties with onion rings and bbq sauce and all the trimmings, topped with another grilled cheese sammich.
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