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    So, long story short, life is pretty damned good. Ever since I had my first bad semester at Tech I have been waiting to find out if I get a field training slot for AFROTC. They announced that two weeks ago, and 100% of the cadets at my detachment got slots. This means that unless I do something wrong, I am on track to finish school and commission as an officer in the Air Force. For me this is huge- it means that I get school paid for and that I am on target for my main goal of the last few years. It's far from a done deal, but now it comes down to a matter of me just not screwing things up and not repeating my first year mistakes.

    I've been pretty inactive the forums for awhile, so I just wanted to drop a line. Catch y'all on the flip side.


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    Good for you Walt! Keep up the good work .... make us proud.
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      Right on, congrats kid. Hopefully by the time you hit your fist duty station I will be retired. Hopefully.
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        Congratulations Walt!
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          Git'er done. When I was in school my primary focus was school. Secondary focus was job and roof over my head, and third focus my hobbies for my sanity. It paid off rather well so far. Free schooling is good to have these days.
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            Well its not exactly free school, you still pay but in a different way. Not that the USAF is a bad thing, not by any stretch of the imagination. The AF is a great job, and the things you learn from 4 or more years of service help you out in so many ways later in life. Doesnt matter if you are E or O. Keep your nose clean and your grades up and you wont get stuck with a job taking care of people in one of the units I was in. You could very well get a flying slot, which would be uber cool.


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              Congrats, man. Keep your eye on school and you will do fine. The Air Force is a good career if you choose to make it that!
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                Good job Walt - keep the old nose to the grindstone like they say and you'll have it whipped.
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                  Congrats Walt, keep your focus of continuing to hit those short term goals and you should be fine. The long term is always a combination of many short term...You're on your way!

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                    You still need a V8!

                    Seriously, dude, NICE work brutha.

                    What kind of aircraft do you wanna fly once you're commissioned? I'll give you some feedback from the USAF aircraft maintainence POV.
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                      I'd actually like to apply as a Combat Rescue Officer. It's a very hard career field to even be considered for, but it kind of fits with what I want to do. I may apply for a rated slot, but I don't really have my heart set on flying for the Air Force. Flying is cool and I am certainly passionate about it, but I know people who want nothing else in life but to fly for the AF. I would rather that they get the slot if there is one.

                      On the other hand, maybe I'll see if I can get my commissioning date moved up a year and apply as a maintenance officer at David-Monthan to spread all the wisdom my four year degree gave me.....

                      Oh, and Tony- I took the plunge and I am now driving and V8 powered 1996 Tahoe.


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                        I'm sorry to say all of your cars will have to go. No self respecting AF officer would be caught driving anything except some kind of sporty convertible.
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                          Great job


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                            Congrats, Walt.

                            I hope that my kid grows up to work as hard as you are. Awesome.
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                              Go get 'em kid!

                              Glad to hear things are cookin' along.
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