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  • speaking of porsche

    RIP Ferdinand

    For a rich kid kicked out of design school, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche created one of the greatest legacies in automotive design with the Porsche 911 — one that will survive far beyond Porsche's death today at the age of 76. The son of company founder Ferry Porsche, F.A. or "Butzi" as he was known spent [...]
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    wasn't he the first guy to chop and channel a bug?

    RIP Porsche
    Doing it all wrong since 1966


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      I could have only guessed such an impossible design came through defense of nepotism.

      the boxster (356 etc) is supposed to be the stronger legacy..911 is a unique addon.
      the 953 is the only one to me..
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        It is kind of sad that a bunch of Porsche engineering (done for others) is almost always brushed aside for their halo cars...


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          If I could ever get used to VW pedals, I'd love a 911. The pivot at the bottom thing weirds me out. Somewhere around '76 I developed a big crush on this car:

          Click image for larger version

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          RIP F.A. , thanks for the childhood dreams.
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