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Worlds most insane garage...... This thing is AWESOME !!!!

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    I was vastly underwhelmed by the car collection. Also very annoyed that he has 8 or 9 examples of certain bikes, or the entire run of them just sitting there. What fun is that? Keeping other people from owning one must be a ton of joy.

    My kid said if I had that shop it would be a mess but lots of cars would come out of it. Actually, if I had that much space to work in shirtsleeve comfort all year, it would be clean because I would have separate spaces for the dirty stuff, like body work, engine tear down, and clean spaces for assembly and paint. Everything would get driven, it isnt yard art, its a vehicle and the intent is to be used. If I had that much money I would be dangerous.


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      To tell the truth, I don't have any idea what I'd do. It would be sort of a good problem to have.

      One of the guys on the week-long meeting team showed up every morning with a few scratch-and-sniff lottery cards. Yes, the redneck retirement plan. But it got us all to talking about...what IF? Lots of stories about lottery winners who went down the tubes because they didn't have any idea how to live with unlimited money.

      One of the best stories was about a guy...this was back in the day when money drew interest at the bank...this guy had the mentality that every morning when he woke up, he had another $80K to spend. So he tried his hardest.

      The story goes, he'd leave $100 tips at restaurants, just having the time of his life. And the story goes, a waitress chased him out into the parking lot one day yelling, "Sir! Sir! You left this on the table!"

      So he gave her another hundred for being so honest.
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        This is similar but I didn't feel this was worthy of it's own thread so I posted it here, at least these owners have some taste cars.
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          The only difference between that and my shop is.......... everything. Oh, and mine gets dirty.



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            Here's my shop, and all the tools that I have.

            Click image for larger version

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