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  • Hell of a weekend

    If you have been reading the front page at all over the last couple of days, you know that I was down in Bristol, TN helping on the crew of my friend Pete Farber's Pro Mod. I am going to run a full recap of the weekend tomorrow, but it was pretty damned awesome.

    To live an event from the inside out gives me a perspective I never had in the tower when announcing this stuff. I certainly was not installing the clutch or deciding what ratios to put in the Lenco, but I learned alot about that decision making process and was able to do some cool stuff in my role as "fill in new guy"

    We made the show but lost in the first round to Mike Castellana, who ended up winning the event. Pete slapped a nasty hole shot on him, but the car shook pretty hard.

    Me and Pete left Bristol at 7pm last night and iron-manned it home. I pulled into my driveway at 10:30am after dropping Pete off (he lives about 1.5hrs away).

    I think I'll be asleep before it is actually dark tonight.

    **Oh yeah, I met like 15 BS readers who were following along on the blog and found the car in the pits. That was really cool and the other guys on the team got a kick out of the fact that people were reading about the team's exploits on the interwebs. Always cool to meet readers! I told those guys that they should join up on the forums! **
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    Brian, welcome to the real world!!LOL. Glad you got to experience from the other side and had a gtreat time doing it. Hopefully you'll be able to get to do it more> You got to do something a lot of peolpe in the stands could only wish they could experience. Glad it all worked out!!!


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      I also got an appreciation for the crap the guys have to put up with a la drunken fans literally eating our dinner off of the work tables!

      There's a few good ones coming in this story!
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        always a cool feeling when you feel a part of the circus...and certainly have some great memories too!


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          Remember the "Top Fuelers" comment I made at dinner?!You got a first hand look!


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            That which you manifest is before you.


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              Congrads there Brian that must have been one heck of a weekend man!
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                Is pete racing the NHRA event in houston this weekend ?
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                  Glad you had a great time. Wish your team would've gone farther in eliminations. Can't wait to read about your adventure.
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                    Thats really cool Brian, I'm glad you had fun.
                    It's a slippery slope you're on, next thing you know you'll be re-arranging your schedule for the next race.
                    I was following you on DRC and that looked like a tough race, sometimes just making the show is an accomplishment in it's self.
                    So, I have to ask, whens the next race?
                    Originally posted by TC
                    also boost will make the cam act smaller


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                      Excellent adventure! Now I'm jealous.

                      Had a dragstrip adventure myself this weekend but at a much more modest level. I met up with my buddy Dave Rackley at Coastal Plains Dragway (Jacksonville, NC) where he was racing his SERIOUS SBC-powered Vega. It's a tough little car and he mostly races brackets for money, which he's very good at. It was interesting watching him decide on the dial-in for the next round based on weather, changing track conditions, etc. He was running 6.08 to 6.12s (1/8 mile) depending on the above mentioned variables. I had to leave early but he was in line for the $$ when I left. I'll stop at the shop today and see how he finished up.

                      I get the "Epic Fail" award for the weekend. Friday night I dug out the camera and even put it on the charger. Then forgot it Saturday morning, along with my earmuffs.

                      As I said, NOTHING like the level you were experiencing - but I'll bet the Track Hot Dogs were just as bad!

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