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road trip to Missouri

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    We made it to St Louis, we played robots, we got half way home again. Not much for itnernet at the hotel we were staying at, and we're trying to make it home in time so Steven can get back to work.

    The suburban didn't leak any more out the trans. It did use a quart of engine oil in 3000 miles, which is ok for an old chevy...

    And it started idling real rough today. After worrying about it for a while, we did some poking around under the hood and found the broken vacuum line and replaced it, all better now.

    I haven't had time to get any pictures up, sorry!
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      Wow, the local robotics team from the high school in town here ended up with the win.|img|FRONTPAGE
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        Good to see you made it in one piece. Thought about you all Saturday evening as I left work and played the opposite of a storm chaser. Two of my family's vehicles were downtown for the hockey game and got nice hail damage.
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