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I want a hover craft.

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  • I want a hover craft.

    Escaped on a technicality.

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    Reminds me of that gigantic ground effect plane the Russians built in the 80's. Ekranoplan was it?
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      Build one with a lawnmower motor. There's a bunch on youtube.
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        That is a wing in ground effect (WIG) vehicle. Although it does look like it has a lift fan forward and a small skirt for slower speeds when that giant pusher fan isn't up to full thrust.
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          I use to have a Scat hoover craft a few years ago..
          I did some work to it and got it running 80 mph
          with no wind... if I would have had a nice tail
          wind it might have hit 100 but then you still
          need to go back up wind... they are a riot to
          run... your basically out of control and when you
          want to stop you spin it 180 and stand on the throttle