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  • Forum doing strange things.......

    First I thought it was my computer, I would post something, it would post but then when I go back to the thread my post doesn't show up....... But then I noticed this.....

    This is the forum main page..

    You notice under "General Discussion" it shows Chad as the last person to post and that was in the Hahaha Hot Rod Blog......

    Now when I go to the "General Discussion" section I see this....

    Now I know Spidey could have just posted, but it's been showing up like this for almost an hour now.....notice this post was made at 6:24 pm..........And i was online when Chad and Spidey made their posts......

    So what's the deal??......
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    Yeah....I've been 'refreshing' the page all day to keep it current.
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      Like right now, this thread is not showing up at all on the board at all, not on the main forum page and not in GD.........


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        Originally posted by oletrux4evr View Post
        Yeah....I've been 'refreshing' the page all day to keep it current.
        Well it's nice to know it's just not me......I was going crazy thinking my comp was freaking out.......


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          i just had a post dissappear also.... seriously.

          The network may be overheating. Chad should probably dip all the servers into cold water for about an hour to cool them off.
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            I noticed last night that my post were slow to load and a couple of times had the repost.
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              Weird shit man.

              I tried posting a reply in the FIAT thread, but all it gave me was a "you are not logged in" page.

              WAS already logged in.

              Went straight to this page, no changes, and I can post, no problemo.

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                Normal for me:
                I don't always see my user name up top as "logged in"

                I never see links to videos... Has been some I kinda want to see but couldn't...BUT now I wanna see Pdub's run down the mile... I see no links or any way to bring em up... I attributed it to my unsaavyness (a word?)

                I have thought of posting some pics.. But do not grasp it...

                Other than that, it all seems good...


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                  New posts aren't showing up unless I close the browser. Forum sections aren't updating when I use the quick navigation. It also is not showing threads I posted in the forum sections.
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                    and here I thought my problems were beer related.

                    No problems this morning. Well, nothing Kahlua won't fix.

                    spoke too soon - the New Posts is fubar. I came back to this thread via New Posts, which should have been at the top of the list. It wasn't. It showed Scott as the last poster from the New Posts list... so I opened it and it showed my first post but not my edit. I refreshed, it showed the edit. Ooops.

                    I thought i had lost a post last night, but refreshed and there it was, like today. New Posts is under the influence.
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                      We are on it.
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                        ^^ knew that - goes kinda without saying. Thanks Bruab!

                        Did the Bruford T. Justice update happen?
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                          Yessah it did!
                          That which you manifest is before you.


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                            Everything seems fine here.
                            Brian does a good job here, I can't imagine what it would be like to spend my Tuesday morning fixing a web site.
                            Happy May Day Brian.
                            Originally posted by TC
                            also boost will make the cam act smaller


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                              The forum shows a memory cache reload issue.
                              Maybe someone turned a function on to save bandwidth or maybe CPU-load on the server.