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any info for carb'd big block swap into a 1995 C1500

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  • any info for carb'd big block swap into a 1995 C1500

    I have a really nice 1995 C1500 regular cab shortbox 2wd. It is getting to the point where I either need to do something with it or get rid of it. Ultimitely I would love to prostreet it but for now I would settle for a mild big block swap and lower it a little. The truck right now had a TBI 305 and a 4l60e I would use a carb and a th-400.

    The biggest issue I see with this swap is completely abandoning the stock fuel system and just running an aftermarket external fuel pump, I doubt the stock pump can support a big block, I also have been having a difficult time finding headers. Wireing might take me some time but I should be able to figure it out.

    Does anyone have any experience with a swap like this? I am well aware of the work involved and what the truck will become. I put a 454 in a Monte SS years back and had it for years son I know what I am in for. The truck will not be a daily driver.

    Any pictures or links will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    I have what your talking about. Mine is a 1990 Chevy regular cab short bed. It had a BB 468 until last month and swapped it out for a 496 BB. I installed a fuel cell in the bed w/electric fuel pump, truck is lowered 2" in the front & 4" in the rear. Purchased a 200 4R trans from Art Carr rated upto 750+ HP. It not a difficult project but more time comsuming than anything else. I tried to attach some pic but we seem to be having website problems tonight. Sent me a PM if you have more questions.
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      wouldnt a pump from a SS 454 work?
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        The factory TBI pump would have put out in the neighborhood of 38psi.......... that's WAY more than plenty for a carbed big block.

        In fact, you would need to regulate it down to use that factory pump. Perhaps just adding the mechanical big block pump to the factory lines with the TBI pump bypassed would be a better option, that is the avenue I would take if running a carb.
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          use a Moroso bypass fuel log 65145....i sold those to guys who would convert their 5.0hs to carb..send gas back to tank after feeding the carb..

          Headers? that cannot be hard to find..check hedman
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            I originally was planning on using the stock pump and running a bypass regulator, that was until one of our engineers at work told me that the stock pump would not keep up with the mean carb'd small block he swapped into his some years back. I believe he ended up using two in tank efi pumps. I do not wish to go that route. The stock pump makes plenty of pressure but lacks in flow. A stock 454ss pump on the other hand is a good idea I will have to look into it.