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What got ya hooked on BANGSHIFT?

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  • What got ya hooked on BANGSHIFT?

    For me, it was a link a derbyer's son posted on the derby website I am on of those insane drags in the sand.....
    I have a 57 Chev sedan delivery and Monk's build thread caught my eye... Read that start to calander in one night! Damn, was I tired...
    I ran a 500 caddy in 7 cars when I drove and gave my son another to run in his 65 Buick Skylark, so the studellac was next.. This time, I savored it and read it over time... Then I read Brian's adventure with the truck..I daily drive a 77 Chev flatbed..
    Read warshryke's build, then austin gasser (LOCAL TO ME!)
    Decided to sign up...
    Then Joes66fury chimed in.. Ah somebody who understands the world of deafness.. Then I got into this guy Peewee's site, just to looksee... Dan Stokes was another, dieselgeek and jeffmck, were a couple more...yes TC too... Now ihave too many to list ..

    Gotta say Brian made me feel welcomed w

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    Brian made me feel welcomed when he figured out what I do with my kids... Derby!
    I still need to figure out how to post pics on here! I sent some via email to Pdub,
    I need to get some video off the in car camera posted... Makes me want to drive again! It is a young folk sport!

    How about the rest of y'all? I notice most of you are into drags and street cars... What else? See some roundy round too..


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      For me, it was the two full-sized coolers of beer in the trunk of Don's Road Runner...

      It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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        I spotted Frieburgers farewell column in HRM, and then a few google searches led me to I enjoyed what I saw and just never left.


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          Originally posted by Whelk View Post
          I spotted Frieburgers farewell column in HRM, and then a few google searches led me to I enjoyed what I saw and just never left.
          Basically how I got here as well.

          Drag Week 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013


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            Came here for the power tour info.. Stayed because of the other stuff...
            Powertour off/on since 2002


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              I, like a lot of the old timers here, started over at the HotRod forum many many moons ago, then when Freiberger left HotRod he started CarJunkieTV and 99% of the people that were on the HotRod forum moved over to the forum at CarjunkieTV, then CarJunkieTV hit the shitter and DF started Freiberger's Junkyard and we all moved to that site, then DF went back to work for HotRod and that is when Brian and Chad took over and changed the name to BangShift............

              What got me hooked on Bangshift??, I guess DF did, since I fallowed him on his adventure, and other than that it would be the great people I've met over the years that are part of this site. I don't think you could find a greater bunch of people anywhere on the net and that is why I'm hooked on BS...........
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                Came across CJTV somehow when I was on deployment in 2007. Posted a pic of my car and Freiburger wrote back. That blew me away! Been here since.

                There are lots of other forums (fora?) for specific info (chevelles, inliners, etc.) But the diversity and significant lack of pretentious A-holes here is what keeps me coming back.
                1967 Chevelle 300 2 Door Post. No factory options. 250 ci inline six with lump-ported head, big valves, Offy intake and 500cfm Edelbrock carb.


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                  I really like the format........all different types of genre.

                  Like Pete said......diversity, not brand specific.

                  "The object is to keep your balls on the table and knock everybody else's off..."


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                    The Hot Rod forum went to hell, the DF started CCJTV, I came over then and have been on board ever since....

                    Why do I stay, its the range of knowledge, the people and the "if its got wheels and a motor its cool" vibe.

                    No real flame wars, no real keyboard bravodo....its low key and welcoming to all.
                    If you can leave two black stripes from the exit of one corner to the braking zone of the next, you have enough horsepower. - Mark Donohue


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                      CJTV.... got there in the begining....Chad never let me leave.....still won't...I apply for parole but the warden denies it......something about DNA evidence on my wash tub firepit.
                      The Beatings will continue until MORALE IMPROVES !!!!


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                        Originally posted by Monk View Post
                        I really like the format........all different types of genre.

                        Like Pete said......diversity, not brand specific.

                        I actually was looking for info on loring land speed when it opened. I had 1781cc ready for a 135mph attempt (the torture is spoken of here often)
                        I have built everything I own, and helped dads rigs before there was a turbo on the big diesel.

                        v8s, 4cyls, inline sixes. 290 to 550 diesels.

                        how the hell would I fit anywhere but bangshift?

                        ..and the injection conversations. I dove right in, saved a whole system from a car..and am dumbfounded. Nice to read of stuff that works here, and that I am not the only one getting confused.
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                          HEMI posted a link to my site and I saw some hits from BangShift go by on the counter so I logged in to say thanks, and....Matt called me out to meet in person, and...

                          ...but I'm not hooked on BS. No I'm not. I'm not hooked, I tell you, I'm NOT. Nossiree, not me. I'm NOT HOOKED.

                          I can quit anytime (I bought a quick car I sure didn't need). I'm NOT HOOKED (and speed-rated tires to go run The Mile). I'm NOT HOOKED I tell you (and the upcoming gathering in Michigan, a long way from Weeville). I AM NOT hooked. I can quit anytime I want.
                          Charter member of the Turd Nuggets


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                            PW - it's okay to be a car guy, really. You can proclaim boldly in red with black hash marks in the pavement that you are car guy (hear you roar).

                            CJTV, I signed up in the first 300 or so.
                            Doing it all wrong since 1966


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                              Started on the hotrod forum and moved here at the beginning but left for awhile and then came back and lost all my post count.
                              So I tried for several months to resign up but it didn't happen?
                              Anyway finally just forgot about it for awhile then seen the site on face book and tried again and here I am.
                              Hope I can make this my home on the net!
                              I even ordered a shirt and windshield banner yesterday.