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my first video from still photos

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  • my first video from still photos

    At the end of the autocross event in dallas the winner decided to do a couple of doughnuts, well i tried my best to capture the moment and shot 50+ pics in this sequence and put them all together to get this

    Charles W - BS Photographer at large

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    Escaped on a technicality.


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      fps is slow.

      I thought you were a pro with that stuff, compiling etc.

      50 shots is enough for 5 seconds..I kinda lose the momentum at the speed its at.
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        i take pictures, i dont do videos, ive never done anything like that before compiling them all into something like that, yea i would like it to be ALOT faster, if someone can lead me in the right direction to do so, please give me a helpful tip
        Charles W - BS Photographer at large


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          Nice job, Charles. Just like my Camaro - except mine won't spin the rear tires. Maybe smaller tires and some lard?



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            Nice. Cool idea. Would have told the camaro dude he gets to re-stripe the rented parking lot.
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              nice job Charles!!!!!
              COBEY..... franklin, kansas


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                Cool pics!
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                  Nothing technical to add.. But nice work!


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                    Yeah, that's way cool!

                    When I was a kid in school.....did anybody else ever draw on the corner of every page of a textbook, like a little stick guy walking or then flip the pages to see it in motion, the way they used to make old cartoons on TV? I sure did.

                    Charles, I'll bet if you could get the frames to Barry, he could make it go in near-real time.

                    But as said, that's very cool as it is!
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                      great pics.
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                        Great pics, videos need music. I have no idea how to do that.

                        Its good to have a tire sponsor.
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