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my 5 speed monte

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  • my 5 speed monte

    finally got it in, im sure those of you from the old HR forum may remember me pursing parts for this
    its never done but atleast its driveable

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    Re: my 5 speed monte

    Nicely Done....Gotta love bangin' your own gears ;D ;D

    So give us the full scoop..

    Whattya got?

    200 mph or bust.......


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      Re: my 5 speed monte

      Always liked that body style.... it's another one of those cars that fall into a wierd but Very cool category...

      It's a car I really don't want... but I want you to do it so I can look at it and enjoy it... sorta like ... now ain't that cool... I should have thought of that...

      And All Real cars have stick's



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        Re: my 5 speed monte

        Nice job. Good enough to be mistaken for stock.
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          Re: my 5 speed monte

          dont cringe to hard...but nothing fancy

          Its a TBI 4.3V6 with an Edelbrock TBI intake, and soon to be Holley TBI Unit (direct replacement but bigger bores,injectos) High flow dynomax cat and muffler with a chip.
          3.42's and and auburn limitedslip.

          Homeownership has taken priority over my ride now but in the works are 4.3 vortec heads and cam or if i could get it priced right a late model 4.3 and ECM setup form a manual S10.


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            Re: my 5 speed monte

            Were you able to use the V6 Malibu manual trans stuff to do that swap? When I was growing up, a neighbour across the street from me had one of those cars, the wife would always lug the poor thing up the driveway in 3rd gear. ;D

            Ed N.
            Ed Nicholson - Caledon Ontario - a bit NW of Toronto
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              Re: my 5 speed monte

              well i bought the G-body bell and fork(if you havent seen one its a bit weird) but ended up going with an 83 f-body bell housing as it has the clutch fork tilted 17 degress like the g-body and its for a mechanical linkage,also the trans mount holes are tilted because the t5 in a cmaro is tilted towards the driver, when mounted up the rear trans mounts horizontal, if i would have used the g-body bell the trans mount would have been tilted downward....that was a mouthful.....



              anyway V8 bell and trans and i actually was able to use the stock crossmember after i elogated the hole

              yes the mount is not centered to the trans mount, the th200C v6 mount is a 2 peice mount with the stud off center,it was this was with the stock trans in place. odd little buger wish i had taken more pics of it....anyway if it had been a factory th350 car the mount pad on the crossmember would have been centered as would the trans mount and then you just elongate the hole like stated.