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Bangshift Musicians Corner: kickass female vocalists?

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  • Bangshift Musicians Corner: kickass female vocalists?

    I know we have a number of talented musicians here.

    Last weekend I spent 3 days working with CDMBill getting his car ready for DW 2012.

    Bill is the only guy I know with an audiophile-grade stereo in his garage - I have good ears, and his setup is outstanding (made up mostly of older stereo stuff he's had for a while, I presume). Anyhow, we were listening to Pandora's "James Taylor" station, and a certain song came and went that got my attention... a female vocalist singing Sting's "Fields of Gold"

    The recording was haunting. I mean, whoever this girl was, sang like nothing I had heard before. Mellow, laid back, crazy good pitch and tone.

    So I searched Pandora up and down this week to find this recording and FINALLY found it.

    Turns out the lady's name is Eva Cassidy. You can look her up on youtube and find a live recording of her in Washington DC's "Blues Alley" (very popular blues and R&B club with great in-house recording capabilities).

    I have been listening to everything I can find that she's recorded since then. I found out that Eva Cassidy, while unknown in this country, in 2000 was "discovered" in the UK and topped their charts with her version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." Seems she is better at taking other peoples' songs and putting her own spin on them. Sting and Judy Garland's versions of their songs pale in comparison to the Eva Cassidy versions, as you will hear in a minute if you click on my link...

    So, Eva became popular after years of obscurity, in England in about 2000. The only problem? She died of cancer in November 1996 at the age of 33, a complete unknown except in the community where she lived and occasionally performed live. She worked in a plant nursery doing landscape work, and occasionally performed live but due to extreme shyness, turned down recording contract offers left and right. Her life story was featured on ABC's Nightline show, it's on Youtube also.

    Anyhow, if you like female vocalists with simple backing music, take a listen:

    "Fields of Gold"

    Live version of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time"

    Live version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

    This has been your Bangshift Musician's Minute.

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    Link to the ABC Nightline special on Eva Cassidy:

    Caution, it tugs on the heart strings a little bit.
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      My girlfriend turned me on to Eva Cassidy and I have to agree... that gal could sing. Good stuff, fo sho!

      It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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        If you dig female vocalists that can really get it done, check out Danielle Schnebelen. She sings with her brothers in a group from Kansas City known as Trampled Under Foot.


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        It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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          I'm familiar with Trampled Under Foot - they get up here every now and then. That girl has amazing Janis-like vocal chops!!
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            This girl has got some awesome pipes, the rest of the band rules as well. Carrie and I have seen them three times now, will see them anytime they come around.
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              women screaming or rapping, bordering know, 99% of you tube.

              I like what you people are posting. I have never focused on finding kickass female vocalist. I just don't like it.
              my mother sang until raspy. I don't like female kickass vocalist.

              without seeking this song, I have a little sister that used to be on the "girly music channel" in the 80s..I remember this one, when it was young. I don't like the lyric mind you, the voice is wow.
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                Aretha Franklin . Queen of Soul . Believe it or not Didn't know of her till Bruce Willis lip synced R-E-S-P-E-C-T in a bar on the old show that made him famous .....Moonlighting. Also Pat Benatar. Classically trained perfect pitched ,very strong voice that I can clearly hear all the words. Maybe a little too mainstream to be cool but at 50 I don't care.
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                  Johnette Napolitano has to be my fav...incredible voice


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                    Most of the female singers I like are not safe for work. Here are a few that are..

                    Portishead's Beth Gibbons, one of my favorites!

                    Garbage's Shirley Manson, saw them live, she's so friggin hot(& VERY Scottish)in person!

                    Beth Ditto & Gossip, very talented woman here...

                    Trentemoller w/Ane Trolle, this video makes me sad, poor dog..


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                      Priscilla Ahn

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                        From back in the day........Mama Cass Elliot
                        She carried The Mamas & The Papas.........and could really
                        belt one out.

                        Being a big jazz fan.......this Cassidy gal is something else.

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                          I like Amy Lee(Evanescence) and Hayley Williams(paramore)


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                            Originally posted by zombie289 View Post
                            Johnette Napolitano has to be my fav...incredible voice
                            Amen to that. She was up here years ago on a local radio station (where she announced she was leaving Concrete Blonde) and did some in house accoustic sets. Amazing voice!
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                              As already said, there's so much great stuff here. I'm torn between Aretha Franklin and some others.

                              Mama Cass....she was mainstream when I was a kid, so I didn't know or pay attention to what she was doing. But I caught a show about a year ago on Bio, and wow, could she ever do it. Man oh man she had lungs and tone. Powerful.

                              And I'll add Janice Joplin. She was a blues singer extraordinaire. Before the radio stuff she did. Not the same quality of voice as presented here on this thread, but another one that was silenced.
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