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    Just finished reading the new HOT ROD, DF talks about making the '66 Skylark the brought back from the dead into a "daily driver". Like everything else, we all have opinions, but I like the idea of daily driver, a modfied car you can drive almost everyday, has a heater and wipers, it can go and stop and is reasonably reliable. Scott's 2 big Chevy's, Randall's Buick Skylark, even Squirrell's '55 qualify for me, cause they drive 'em regularly. Maybe Brian's Buford T. Justice will qualify? So what makes it a BanhShift "Daily Driver"? Discuss with civility.

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    I guess it depends on what youre willing to tolerate. I DD'd my beater Fury for quite a while. It was not too bad, but a heater, A/C, defrosters, widows that roll up and down and seats that dont have springs trying to rape you are all really, really nice things to have.
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      I daily drive my '99 Z28, does that count?? Or do you need to have a certain amount of mods done to it first to consider it a Hot Rod?? Or is this a Year thing??......

      So what constitutes a HotRod daily driver??

      And on that note, what is everyone's daily driver?? Like I said mine's my '99 Z28........


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        My 55 would be a daily driver if I didn't also have two old trucks, and my wife didn't have 3 rides....but since we have so many cars, it only gets driven once or twice a week usually. Although this week it gets a few test drives, I'm about to leave on one right now to run some errands and make sure the new radiator, etc are all happy.

        Then off to the dragstrip tomorrow to hopefully get it hopefully a little further into the 11s than it was a couple weeks ago.

        If you're nuts enough to have an old hot rod that you'll drive every day, I sure empathize and respect that...but I also realize it's nuts, so if you drive a boring car instead, I understand.
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          A couple of years ago all I had for DDs was a 70 Coronet with a lopey 318 and a 3000 stall and a 77 shortbox Chevy 4x4 with 12 inches of lift and 37X13,50-16s Boggers.
          I do not want any old crap for a daily driver ever again, I will be in comfort to and from work from now on!

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            My daily is a '73 Dodge Dart.
            318, auto, power brakes & steering. Does 14+ mpg on cheap Propane.
            Replaced the rearaxle with a selfnarrowed 8-3/4" axle and added a Hellwig front swaybar to keep things level in the corners.
            Car also had air, but ditched that to clean up the enginebay and lighten the frontend a bit.

            Have a 5.7 Hemi with an A518 overdrive transplant in the works.
            Maybe 17" Mustang wheels if I can find a set here cheaply.

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              I love the carb daily drivers.
              I have had only one true injection...very short lived.

              I mention the old subaru here, 1960s american guts in mentality.
              same chores, same routine..

              all my others were amercian, the smallest or lightest chevette (1981) to a delta 88, dodge coronet (never got much out of it)...

              I still can't call strong old. Fixing things yourself make it even tougher than it was.

              two FWD...the rest all traditional rwd.

              I am still up for dynamical...even an old mercedes diesel (never had one)
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                There is plenty of solid nice cars to DD . G bodies have most modern stuff, Ford Fairmonts and other fox bodies can be hooked up good to drive every day and be comfortable.


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                  Been DD'ing the chevelle for the last few years ..... heat of the summer, even a few snow storms. I love it!
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                    For me it just has to be reliable enough to take on a trip of at least 100 miles. Ive been dragging my feet the last couple weeks, but I think yet this year I will put miles on something that has a carb. Thew 72 Formula runs good now since I put a fresh Qjet on it. Needs a bit of attention before I can cruise it much, not the least of which is swapping the 3.70 rear for a 2.41 rear. A 455 HO doesnt mind 2.41 gears behind it at all. Makes nice smoke shows.

                    I have been driving the 98 Formy because it is easy on gas and still fun to drive.


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                      Look at my avatar. That is a DD. Not me but my wife. It is an '08 with a 6.1 liter Hemi. I have a POS company transit connect.
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                        Sorry, I guess I could post a better pic.

                        OH YEAH
                        Long haul 07. 08. 10, 11, and 13. Looking forward to 2014


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                          i drive my 74 duster often. some of the places i work, i cant drive it, but if i can i do. as long as its not 99+, raining, or snowing, i pick my kid up from school in it. i run out to the stores in it. weve taken it on some pretty cool road trips. its got an overhauled smogger bb, viper t56, and explorer 8.8 swapped in. needed a set of buckets for a few reasons and went with the cleanest thing that looked liked liek they were the right size, cavailier buckets. they arent terrible, but im getting rid of them for some late model gto buckets. efi too one of these days.
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                            there is real big ego boost driving an old hot rod everyday... the thump of the big block with flowmaster 40's at every stoplight makes folks look and little kids point at you. young guys in jeep grand cherokees ask you to do burnouts when ya take off from stoplights. people comment and tell ya you got a nice ride when ya stop at the store an such. Folks don't see these kind of cars anymore, and they draw a real following of fans. most everybody seems to love them. I've been driving my avatar for about 28 yrs now as a daily driver. sure there's been times when it was in the garage for work for a few months at a time, but basically, its been my primary mode of transport forever it seems.....

                            I'm addicted and you should be our hobby, convert the youngsters. DRIVE your Hot Rod.

                            ED - oh and imo - a stock car is not a hot rod. and it needs to be older than 20 yrs or so there arn't many on the street anymore.... so - no - TC your '99 camaro doesn't count. FIX that early 70's camaro ya got - fur gosh sakes.
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                              not many on the street? heck, my 06 GTO qualifies in spades. It is a DD, even in the light dusting of snow.... although, it's far more enjoyable to drive my big black diesel truck in the snow.

                              in my old car dd days, I had more then one car - so doesn't that mean none of them were daily drivers?
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