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    My Grandfather had a lot of tatoos... As a kid I thought they were bruises as the ink had done a lot of migration over the decades... I finally asked him (in his 80s) what they were: butterfly, mermaid that wiggles when you flex and a heart with his first wifes name in it (not my grandmothers)..Good thing you couldnt tell what they were anymore IMO....I decided that Im not going there.
    I personally like ritual scarification... go into the machine shop, set up a piece of .125thk 316 stainless, and try holding it in your hand while you plunge a 3/8" bit through a 1/4" starting hole...very impressive results for life...Or mig weld a cage while your sitting down and "let" the slag fall onto your ankles...
    Bruce K Bridges


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      Buy a painting and hand it on the wall instead. That\s my opinion

      Since you like planes you should check this guys work out:


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        Mom's cousin's hubby came back from the navy with Betty Boop on his arm... I used to love watching him make her shake her hips by clenching his fist... It was a sorry sight when he got old...
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          when i was a young man I was gonna get a great white shark on my back, now that shark would look like a wooly mamoth!!
          I didnt know i would have a hairy back :O so id suggest drawing it with a sharpy and seeing it for a couple of days It doesnt
          matter if it makes you happy! Im not against tat's, I never had anything I wanted on me forever. get a good artist
          with a clean shop, and get some refrances!!! take good care of it when its fresh!! been around lots of tats my family and both wifes
          had plenty of them.
          COBEY..... franklin, kansas