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    After the statement above, I think I have to clarify...

    And I'm risking bamnation, going into politics, but my case is not specific, it's general.

    WHO would want to run for public office, knowing that the press and your political opponents will drag through all of your life's records public and private?

    WHO would run for public office other than the feel of power? It's narcissitic. The pay is not that great, other than the dirty stuff you get under the table. Maybe that's it.

    But for the rest of us, the poor pathetic sheep, who stand in line and vote for one politician versus another...

    By virtue of me having a website, I get lots of email. Tons, I have to clear the inbox out every day or it gets overwhelming.

    And in an election year, the noise is incredible. And it's always "against." It's against whoever is in office. It's never "for" who's running to replace them. I'll be so glad when the election is over.

    To me it doesn't matter. They're all politicians. One for another. Lose-lose. Nobody wins.
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      Originally posted by boxer3main View Post
      digital to analog is not worth it. that would make a heck of a fish tank.
      I agree about the S-video..I never even used it, and it faded away. it is was kinda cool to see the 2004 tv with it. some company was enthused enough to even add sound chip to my vid card, keep all cables right near each other.

      I have sound on the pc that hooks up now I have two sources.I did not ask for that stuff, 2004 was simply like that.

      I remember my dad wanting to park the 32inch for HD. I tried telling him he won't notice it...went and got the lightweight lcd anyway.
      One good thing about the new TVs is their weight. My brother just got a 40", and when he has to move it around he just picks it up and carries it under one arm. Me trying to move my 32" is another story. At least all the weight is on the front, so it can just be picked up by the front and carrying it is fairly stable, if not heavy and bulky.


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        The LCD is the one you want to hang on the wall. You can just about throw those things like a Frisbee..

        But we have plasma's. A 50 in the spare room and a 60 in the big room. The 60 has handles on the back of it. 80 pounds per handle. The telephone poles in the neighborhood lean toward the house when we turn both of them on. They heat up the rooms.

        Conspicuous consumption. We're not proud. We're eco-idiots.
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