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  • HUGE News From the Roundy-Round Circuit

    It's really noteworthy in a backward sort of a way when something like this is sensational enough to get a blurb on the worldwide web news network. I mean...

    Well...Danica said a bad word. Bless her heart. Oh my goodness.

    While I was reading this little headline story, I farted, and I didn't stain my drawers (that time), but I sure didn't get a bit of national news coverage for doing that.
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    This is not news.
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      No, it's sure not.

      To me Danica is one of the more recognizable young folks out there today, because...well, she's real easy to look at and she drives a race car and she gets more press than Tiger Woods at times. She and Tiger both, they get press when they don't do well. That's the headline - Danica or Tiger didn't do well. Is that news? That's just odd...not who won, but a headline about who DIDN'T do well.

      I was surfing the home page today and got onto a thing about the top 20 celebrity tattoos that need to "go," like bad ones, in the writer's opinion.

      Out of 20, I could not in any way ID the names or the faces or who they are or how they got famous to start with. Not a one. Not a single current "star." That's my bad, I guess, too old, got my head stuck in the sand.

      So...anyhow...Danica gets enough press for even me to know she's around. I'll bet her agent drives something expensive. At any rate, I'm not at all impressed. Nope. At least all of that noise and chatter is not about politics. Just something else (basically nothing else worth anybody's time).
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