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Congrats to EFI-DIY (and thanks!)

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  • Congrats to EFI-DIY (and thanks!)

    Just getting back from Bonneville (stuck at the DFW airport due to weather actually) but the FIRST thing I wanted to post about Bonneville was a H U G E congratulations to Marc Piccione, from Canada, otherwise known as EFI-DIY on here.

    He and his crew have been working for TWELVE years on the same record with a badass Opel GT and this year, they finally got it! not only that, but the driver got his "Red Hat" (entry into the 200mph club). Remember, there are 4x more people that have summited Mount Everest than have achieved entry into the 200mph club. It's not an easy thing to do.

    It was SO cool seeing those guys in impound. I hung out with them for a while (taking a break from thrashing on our own project) just to enjoy the feeling. There really is nothing like being in Impound there. You get to hang out with guys like the Dans (Stokes and Warner), always a great thing.

    To top it off, while Marc and team were busy kicking ass with their Atlas-motored Opel, he loaned me a very unique cable that he just happened to have along with him, so that I could configure the GPS chip in our own car. Marc happened to be hanging in our pits as I mentioned "I wonder if FTDI will overnight me a cable" - Marc pulled it out of his bag of tricks and got us up and running.

    Anyhow, these guys are close to us because they too are running a Megasquirt-3, it was nice to trade ideas and have each other there for support.

    Good job Marc, you guys deserve the hat after working so hard at it! - catch the RealTuners Radio Podcast on Youtube, Facebook, iTunes, and anywhere else podcasts are distributed!

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    Fantastic work from both teams. I had a great time following the exploits.
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      Bunch of good guys on the Opel team too! Congrats!
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        What class were they in, and what motor combo did they run?
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          All them Bonneville racers are cool. ;) That little Opel has been knocking on the door, 'bout time someone opened it up.

          Good job on Lee's car Scott. First time out and pushing big mph in what 4 or 5 runs. 300 will be real soon, like next time out
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            I *was* planning on a separate thread to thank Dynoroom, but I'll do it here.

            Mike gave me helpful advice around two years ago when I started working on the Sicilio car, he told me how much power it took to go certain speeds in the 300mph door car he tuned (it's been a while ago now!). And, in our certification inspection, Mike helped me get my head around the EGTs and plug reading - and also advised me on a quickie boost controller and how to set it up - HUGE thanks to you Mike for sharing so much info with us. Every thing you told me, helped in a big way!

   - catch the RealTuners Radio Podcast on Youtube, Facebook, iTunes, and anywhere else podcasts are distributed!


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              It was great to see Scott and Team in Impound. I didn't know the Opel team was one of "US". Next year I'll make more of a fuss! The little Opel is a cool car for sure. Not sure I'd want to go that fast fast with so little wheel base! (Like the Mini!).