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Need Help shipping a car

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  • Need Help shipping a car

    Just wanted to hear from you all as to how you ship a car when the need arises? I've used a few companies before with poor results (no I wont mention their names). I finally I used United Routes and they did the job the was it was supposed to be done. On time and for a great price. I cant see myself using anyone else

    HOWEVER, they only do domestic USA transport. Anyone know/have experience shipping to/from Germany?
    Any advice as to which port I should use as the departure port? Which port to ship it to, and most importantly, which company to fetch it from the European port I send it to?


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    Dunno shift, never had to ship a car overseas (thank goodness). The BangShift folks here stateside just all get together and Redball the ride, coast-to-coast. A big collaborative adventure.

    That puddle of water between here and Germany could sort of put a damper on that.
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      ACL-Atlantic Container Line has R/O R/O service (roll on, roll off) or container service from the US East Coast (NYC, Baltimore, Norfolk, etc.) to most of Europe and trans-shipment service to the med and Africa with Grimaldi Lines, call them.
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