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  • What Have You Made Suff Out Of?

    I can't possibly remember who it was here who posted the thing about the fuel pump on the car quit so he poured gas into the windshield washer reservoir and piped that to the carb and made it home, squirting fuel into the engine.

    I can't even close to touch that one for ingenuity.

    My most lame offering would be I once used an Exacto knife and a Coors Light carton to fashion a head gasket for a model airplane engine because I didn't want to drive 30 miles to the hobby store. Shoot, it worked.

    There's gotta be great stories out there...
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    I machined a set of glides for my girlfriend's mom's walker out of Delrin. now she doesn't scratch up the floors in her house.

    It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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      Cardboard ... Early one morning, on my way to work in the days when the Chevelle was my only vehicle, the plastic oil pressure line blew out of the engine fitting, the ferrule ruined, no spares - oil everywhere under the hood. No cell phone, very few tools with me. To finish the drive to work, I folded a small piece of cardboard under the nut and snugged it down with pliers... it worked!


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        i cut the ends off a beer can and the sliced it down the middle wrapped it around a split radiator hose then wrapped it in duct tape,,made home.....
        the shifter knob in my car is made out of a surgical instrument..


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          If what a person engineers up and it works just one time in order to get it fixed right is a form of hotrodding, its the person who just leaves the bailing wire on the throttle cable that ruins the quik thinking fix method for others.


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            this thread.

            my posts could be daily for a year.

            why pull the steel plug from the tire if it sealed it?

            A 15 inch will electro thump at around 80 and onward, if to ignore.(not a balance problem - a car needs rubber)

            hdpe coffee jug, great carb and thermostat gasket material..

            jb weld on pressed hose barbs on a gas tank (did better than some fast acting factories)

            piping with flanges from any place but for your engine

            I can't even begin to remember everything since 87 (first year driving onward- it has not ended)

            one of my first cars was a chevette..litterally key broke flush stuck in ignition . ended up a screwdriver
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              I made empty beer cans into a couple of babies. I had help.

              18 years later, I'm afraid to try to make anything any more, but at least I can start to afford it again. haha.
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                I am getting real bad with duct tape and J B Weld.


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                  Originally posted by skullbucket View Post
                  I am getting real bad with duct tape and J B Weld.
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                    Broke a ball joint... Really really really wanted to go out in the main...had my son as a driver in another car so I chained the a-frame to the spindle, was good nuff for 2nd...


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                      I've made all kinds of stuff from items not intended for the purpose to which I put them. Now I'll have to think what they are......



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                        Do you really want me to write all of that out? Man, that could get long.


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                          when i was going to school in north chicago, i was driving one of my mini trucks and got caught in a rain storm (living in so-cal i didnt have that issue) and my truck didnt have inner wheel wells and I had a K&N open air element on the intake, engine started sucking in water and was running like ass. I pulled off the first place I saw that had a overhang where I could pull my truck under and try to figuire something out to get back to base. I fergot where I was but in the trash I found a rectangular shaped piece of sheet metal that had a small hole at the end of it.

                          So I had a small bolt hole in the top of the core support, took that piece of metal bout 12 inches long, opened the tail gate, stuck in the metal using the tailgate as a clamp of sorts i shut it and bent the metal giving it a 90 degree bend, then bent the other part around my leg giving it a U shape then was able to take a bolt from something in the eng compartment and bolted that custom fabbed piece to the core support thus it wrapped around the air element acting like a shield.

                          I kept that in my truck til I sold it, I cleaned up the edges and made it look a little prettier but it save my butt a number of times in rain storms
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                            a family friend is a custom bike builder, he was on that show where they would build a bike then ride it a bazillion miles to a show then get judged...anyway, they bike Bill built had an issue with the front tire and the axle made its way out and bent, they pulled over and replaced the axle with a breaker bar and 2 sets of vice grips...not the safest thing but it got him to the show.
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