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Its International Book Week!

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  • Its International Book Week!

    The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence. Don't mention the title.

    Perhaps I'll do that this weekend and bank the check Christian gave me for Wanda, my Beetle.
    That awkward moment when you realize it IS your circus and those ARE your monkeys!

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    OK! You guys can use magazines too...
    That awkward moment when you realize it IS your circus and those ARE your monkeys!


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      adult correctional institute see PRISON
      Doing it all wrong since 1966


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        ass-hat (as hat), adj. 1. Clown who polutes forumn threads with troll-like babbling 2. silly, inane person

        hmmm. how about another book.

        "A recent grant has enabled them to connect to the internet"

        meh. another.

        When you use the ls command (or most other UNIX commands), UNIX assumes that you wan tto work with just the files in the working directory.

        Meh. Lemme get one of the bosses books...

        "He caressed her round supple" whooops, nevermind.
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          Magazines OK?

          "What we now have is a cool-looking boulevard cruiser that turns heads and elicits comments wherever it goes" - J. Hunkins
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            Gail - you're a sweetie but are assuming a level of literacy that membership on this probably rules out. I'm gonna go pull a motor...



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              (this is technically the 4th sentence, but it's also the last on page 52)
              "First I believe if you keep the RPM's high enough, ANYTHING is possible." PeeWee


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                "On a bend in the river stand the ruins of Tintern Abbey."

                I gotta leave more interesting books lying around.


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                  UDP (58864 - 1211) ConvID = 71

                  00 00 80 11 D0 40 0A 33 28 B5 FF FF FF FF E5 F0 04 BB 00

                  sorry, frame 5, page 52.
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                    Where Age_code = 'B'

                    Drag Week 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013


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                      Long Joseph was taken aback, how do you deal with a weeping man with a gun?
                      I'm probably wrong


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                        closest book is 1955-59 truck assembly manual...then there's the 1958 JCW catalog...and How to Hot rod Big block 52 has torque we go, a magazine that has sentences:

                        The car turned 86 mph at the Edenwale drags last summer.
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                          I put the jegs down, found nearest book.

                          It seemed a little odd to be doing this, but it gave him an idea for
                          another painting and he grew even more pleased with himself.
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                            3. Never use the word 'impossible' seriously again.
                            Toss it into the verbal wastebasket.

                            "The object is to keep your balls on the table and knock everybody else's off..."


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                              okay, I found one without numbers in a sentence, rated G.

                              "She had just figured out that he was one of the travelling folk"
                              Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.