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    Are these fast enough to be affected by aerodynamics?
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      Visiting St Louis this past weekend, I discovered that Papa Jon and his grandson Jon are now hardcore into slot car racing. Hardcore enough that they are building their own loadbearing chassis dynos - for slot cars. They race in some league on Thursdays and by the looks of it, it's not much cheaper than racing real cars, awesome!! - catch the RealTuners Radio Podcast on Youtube, Facebook, iTunes, and anywhere else podcasts are distributed!


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        Originally posted by BOSSMAN View Post
        I finally got around to making some progress on one of mine. My first time building one so it has been a big learning curve. 63 Impala

        what size motor you using and i see you're using a metal gear, does anyone still use plastic gears ?
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          I'm actually building 3 cars for myself. Each one is done different, this particular one will be my Outlaw Car with a bigger motor (don't remember the size). I have another chassis to do that has a sealed spec motor with plastic gears. I also bought a jig to solder all of this stuff together. I plan to build a track in my shop once it gets closer to being finished and hopefully I can get Geek to come over and build a timing system for it. I think it will be alot of fun to get a big group of people over and go some rounds for $10 or $20. My kid is so excited for this, dad, grandpa, and even great grandpa want in on the fun.
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            So WHERE is this in the "Ohio Valley"

            I build ALLOT of 1/25 scale cars....... eh?
            Mike in Southwest Ohio