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    Tyoduh: A Japanese auto manufacturer.
    It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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      It's not all about the South. It can't be.

      I was young at the time, but I never knew what S'mores were until a terribly displaced young couple moved in next door. They were from Minnesota.

      Not just S'mores (which they taught me), but I couldn't tell a decent story without them stopping me on every line for clarification.

      We went to the grocery store yesterday and we..

      "WAIT! Grah-sorry Store?"

      Yeah, they've got lots of food and stuff, in long aisles, and you buy it.

      "AHHHHH, SUPAH-maht."

      Yeah, and we got a buggy and were going down the aisles and....


      Yeah, it's a metal cage thing with wheels on it and you put the stuff in there before you buy it.

      "AHHHHHHHH.....Shopping KAHT!"

      It was like that every minute, talking with them. How can English be so many different languages?
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        "Yeller dope" Any type of "Coke" or soda that's yellow in color. Mtn Dew, Mellow Yellow, etc.

        "Far" can have multiple meanings. It can mean fire, fair, far. Not to be confused with "fyer". How manyd jyeet? Fyer six.

        "Nary" I got him 3 new pars of shoes and he ain't wore nary of 'em.

        We have lots of black bars(bears) in east TN.

        N!**#r toes were always the chocolate covered creme drops when I was growing up. We never had Brazil nuts, so...... Ha

        Southern annunciation also requires mutiple syllabel words to be pronouned with the least syllabels as possible, and single syllabel words to be pronounced with two and sometimes three syllabels. This is especially true with swear words(but not in front of Mama) ;)

        BTW, Yankees are like hemorroids. Some of them come down and go back up. It's the ones that come down and stay that are a pain in our a$$. lol
        "Life is tough. Life is tougher if you're stupid" - John Wayne


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          Originally posted by tedly View Post
          Kudzu - A plant spawned in the pits of hell and unleashed on an unwitting Earth.
          "What's a kudzu?" "You don't just have A kudzu, hun."
          "How do you grow kudzu?" "Break off a piece, throw it on the ground and run like hell!"
          Our neighbors here call it dammit weed...I have another name for it that I can't share on the forum.

          But, back on topic, having grown up in WI and thanks to the Marine Corps had the opportunity to live in NC, CA, and now GA I have had some interesting dialectual (don't think that's a word, but it sounds good) experiences. For example, the locals here in Albany, GA pronounce it Al-binny...Cairo, GA is pronounced K-Ro. My oldest son is going to high school in WI, and is having an interesting time after living here for two years. Shortly after starting school up there I was talking to him on the phone and finding out how the transition was going. He said (with exaggerated enunciation) "Dad, they pronounce every syllable, even all of the consonants."


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            Fixin' to: About to.
            Shudenoughta: Should not.
            "Somewhere the zebra is dancing". Garth Stein's The art of racing in the rain.



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              While driving through Tennessee we stopped at a gas station just out of the mountains headed west. A lady pulled up on the other side of the pump and 5 kids clambered out. One of them said "Moamma, caun we have sum aycecream" To which their mother replied "Naayoooo" and turned 'No' into a four syllable word.

              Thirteen years before I stopped at the same station and asked the guy behind the counter "How far to Nashville?" He said "Eyeshville or Eyeshville?" There was absolutely no difference to me in the way he said Asheville and Nashville.

              The wife has a cousin that spent some time in Georgia, she has a similar story about a woman asking her "How ya chillin lie teh sow? Meaning "How your children like the south?"

              Peedub, the kudzu is creeping to your back door... get the 2-4D! No wait, that will only piss it off.