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SHRA Radio Show - Scotty Cannon & Jr. - 12/4/12 at 7pm eastern

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  • SHRA Radio Show - Scotty Cannon & Jr. - 12/4/12 at 7pm eastern

    Press Release 11/28/12

    Cannons to Appear on Southern Hot Rod Association

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    Cannons to Appear on Southern Hot Rod Association’s Tuesday Night Radio Show

    (11-30-2012) Lyman, SC – Fans of Pro Modified legend Scotty Cannon will have the opportunity to catch up on what he and son Scott Jr. have been up to the last couple of seasons. “It has been nice to be home and catch up on some of my business stuff. I have also enjoyed getting to spend time with family. After so many years on the road it is definitely something different. I still get calls from my friends that race and I stay in the loop as best as I can. There are some days that I miss racing said Scotty.”

    In many ways this class has changed a lot with the addition of the turbo charged entries. And of course the nitrous and blower combinations still generate a saga of their own. “We still have all of our equipment and could be ready to race if a deal were to come along. We have raced the car in some local match races over the last couple of seasons said Scott Jr.” Cannon Jr. also works in the family business, an enterprise that includes a drive-in restaurant, tournament fishing lakes, and some rental properties.

    Scotty still remembers the infamous run four years ago at the Shake Down at E-Town. A run that held the outlaw record for over four years. “We had really never had much experience with a screw charger. I had made a few runs before the Englishtown event, but did not have much data to work with. The car ran a 5.738 @ 252.71. When I think about all the work it took even for small gains years ago, it seems kind of crazy. I sure would like the chance to get back out there and see what kind of runs we could make today said Scotty.” The younger Cannon seconds that notion, “my dad and I would love the opportunity race again if the right deal came along. Whether it was driving, tuning and consulting for another Team, it wouldn’t matter to us said Scott Jr.”

    SHRA Radio is hosted by Steve Coccaro, Carl Robinson & Mike Fabian and brings you interesting topics and tech talk every week.

    Join the show on Tuesday evening December 4 at 7:00 P.M. (Eastern) to hear Scotty and Scott Cannon talk about the past, present and their future plans in the sport of Drag Racing. Tune in at