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    I've been announcing drag races since 1995. In that time, I have seen countless thousands of cars run down several dozen tracks in at least 20 different states. From bracket races to national events, I've announced from the starting line and in state of the art towers. The coolest part of my announcing career has been meeting all the awesome racers, crew members and fans. You folks are the best.

    It's been good fun and a good run, but like all good things, it has to come to an end. I am hanging up the microphone and I am going to concentrate on getting stuff done around the house and finishing up my Road Runner. I also want to spend more time with my family and friends on the weekends. I love getting outdoors and doing stuff, but that time has been limited. I only went fishing a handful of times this year because I was at the racetrack instead of the lake. I haven't had my car on the dragstrip since 1999. I burned up all my vacation time last year on the microphone. I want to get out and enjoy what my family, friends and this country have to offer.

    I have thouroughly enjoyed my time as an announcer and would not give up those experiences and memories for anything. It is just time to move on with my life and get other stuff done on the weekends. Thanks to all of you for making it a such a wonderful time. Heck, I may even see you in the other lane at the track!

    It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.

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    Bummer, dude. But sometimes a tangent gets to be it's own monster and you gotta make a choice. Being a good track announcer is a rare talent, though. It adds a heluva lot to the show, and I can't imagine being able to do it.


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      Your skills will be missed.Time to get those 1/4 panels for the RR off the garage wall and on the car.Be sure and take one week of vacation for DragWeek.


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        Congrats on doing what you love to do Ron, both in the past and in the future. Now when I go to the track I stand a better chance of seeing you!
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          Never heard an announcer I could understand... But know of one good one.. That said.. I know there are many who consider you one of the good ones..
          I hear you on fishing... My boat has not been out since Dad passed over 15 years ago.. I am LUCKY my kids let me help with their cars and going to derbies...


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            More time for music!!! that' snot a bad thing Ron.
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              Originally posted by dieselgeek View Post
              More time for music!!! that' snot a bad thing Ron.
              Ain't that the gospel truth.

              Life-choices have to be made. There are so many folks in the world who never make them.

              Good for you Ron, it sounds well thought out on your part out indeed. That sounds like a hard one, but it's a good one since you've thought it out.

              Good luck in the next phase Ron! I'm sure you'll enjoy it, whatever it is.
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                you gotta do what makes you happy, not what makes everybody else happy. My wife tells me that all the time with my photography
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                  You are walking away on your terms. Good for you!!

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                    announcer, that must be alot of cars gone by.

                    that realm of history deserves a book. any realm of long time announcing..

                    that is something.

                    I am still babbling 1987 onward.
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                      Life is full of intersections and if all you ever do in life is make right hand turns your not experiencing life to it's fullest and it just makes life seem like your going around in circles........ Get out there and make some lefts with those rights and enjoy what life has to offer..... Here's to Happy Trails to ya and good luck with whatever avenue you decide to take..........
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                        There are people who blabber and those that "Announce".Guess getting passed over when Bob Frey retired had more of an effect than what I thought. You made many a great friend and connections while announcing.New chapters in life are scary but also a welcome change.You took an interest in all that you met at the track. How else would people want to see how many coolers of beer i had in the trunk of my car if it had not been for you.(asshole)Actually "asshole" is reserved for Lohnes.As I approached a group at DW Brian Looked up and said"Spekaing of assholes"The look on that groups face told me that word had not been said.LOL.You also know the difference between Ray and Rhea.Time to check the trunk for beer.Need some help on the RR let me know.As long as you have beer and its daylight I will venture to the 'hood.


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                          Hey Ron, gotta do what makes you happy. If this is the deal, then this is the deal. No go huck a frisbee.
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                            I can't say I blame you, Ron. Most of my best memories involve time spent with family and friends. I'm sure you loved announcing; but it was time spent by yourself. It's not time spent with family.
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                              I can totally understand where you're comming from. Spending that much time away from home, your friends become like family too.
                              It's just like joining the circus and I feel like jumping off the train too sometimes.
                              Originally posted by TC
                              also boost will make the cam act smaller