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    My son and I once pooled reciepts.. All car related and metal working stuff.. Got to several thou before the first derby of the year.. We looked at each other and pretty much said "I don't wanna know"
    We do know one car cost $6K and won $4K, and is now illegal everywhere...


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      what "stage" is it?
      that is a modern one I guess.

      all throttle or no throttle, that is the stage of it.
      Previously boxer3main
      the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.


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        Originally posted by Beagle View Post

        Daughter - "Why do you pick me up in this old piece of junk" Get out and walk, or apologize to the truck, right now. (Wasn't kidding, I had cars honking at me because I stopped on a busy street. She apologized to the truck.)
        without the honking, I made my brother do the same thing
        Doing it all wrong since 1966


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          I just remembered another one. When they see your car running a decent number but looking like complete hell: "How much you sprayin it?" usually followed or preceded by "When do you hit the button in the run?"

          Originally posted by 1trickpony View Post
          How a wife can soon become ex- it cost how much?
          Do you really need more tools?
          I count myself as very fortunate that the woman with whom I now reside does not have that mentality. She understands what those old rusty lumps of iron mean to me, and she has actually bought me tools. The ex however, she is still bitching about the $2700 I spent on a 455 so it would run 11s.


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            Originally posted by Thumpin455 View Post
            ...The ex however, she is still bitching about the $2700 I spent on a 455 so it would run 11s.
            Thank heavens you needn't pay any attention to that nonsense anymore!
            Michael from Hampton Roads