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What happens to T.V. Hosts?

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    Re: What happens to T.V. Hosts?

    How about Chris from Overhaulin' being an E.T. Host ? I've seen him a couple times as I was flipping channels.
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      Re: What happens to T.V. Hosts?

      Jesse - that's interesting about how she got hurt, she said on a show that she'd been hurt "off the show"... oh the volumes they could say without the NDAs they have to sign. She's on the latest incarnation of Overhaulin.

      Horsepower TV - the host - Chuck, had a terrible tragedy - his son was killed in a car accident - and he said he couldn't do it anymore. I wonder how much longer Joe Elmore will stay there - he's like the elder statesmen of all car shows.

      Lou - got his own TV show, but it's interesting how often they wear out hosts on Musclecar... they're on the 4th? 5th? new host. That said, I bet Lou would be a neat guy in person, but he comes across a bit annoying on TV.

      Dave Mallamo(sp?) - he stopped doing it after his sidekick died of cancer.

      Stacey David got his own show.... but he's such a talented guy (outside of car stuff) that I wonder if it was both creative direction of 4x4 and that he's a pretty renown guitarist (which would have caused all manner of scheduling conflicts) that caused the riff.
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        Re: What happens to T.V. Hosts?

        I have met a bunch of these guys over the years at different stuff and from those experience I can say that Joe Elmore is an exceptionally nice guy who I have seen helping with all manner of the production of that show from shooting b-roll to whatever else needs to be done. I run into him at a couple races a year, normally Bowling Green and he's always quick with a smile and a handshake. He reads the site, which is neat.

        Chuck is also a great guy to talk with an he's like one of the world's foremost experts on Chevelles. Seriously...knows everything that there is to know.

        Lou Santiago and Chad are pals and they always make for an interesting pair at SEMA.

        Stacey David is the same dude in person as he is on TV. Always laughing and smiling. I was looking forward to banging fenders with him at a karting event Chad and I participated in during SEMA but he had another commitment and could not make it. (I was quicker than Chad though).

        Dave Bowman is still involved in TV as best I know, but on the production side of things and not in front of the camera. Sam Mennolo I think is in the same boat.

        I am a long time friend of the guy who serves as the producer for Truck U and Two Guys Garage. He's originally a Massachusetts guy and a long time drag racer.
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          Re: What happens to T.V. Hosts?

          what happened to the Jesse chick on the 4x4 show? injury?
          She basically got folded in half by a large piece of machinery that burst fractured her vertabrae, L3. She's lucky she is not in a wheel chair.
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            Re: What happens to T.V. Hosts?

            Read Jessies interview in Hot Rod from a while back. She had a short description of what happened.



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              Re: What happens to T.V. Hosts?

              man, I don't want to read it... yikes. YIKES I say.
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                Re: What happens to T.V. Hosts?

                I stopped watching Shade Tree mechanic when Sam Memmolo was no longer on it.

                Remember Crank and Chrome?

                Both Shade Tree and Crank and Chrome were filmed in Tampa over at Cecil's shop which was Hercules Motor Cars near the Fairgrounds.

                I never knew that until one day we had to go over there for a part and as we were walking through the warehouse I saw the signs for the show through the glass windows and Cecil said that is their production studio in his building.

                Cool to see the whole setup with no one around at the time.

                I think Sam lives in N.C. and I am not sure where Dave the other hosts lives.

                Cecil said they fly into Tampa once a month to film a few shows. Now there gone.