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One for B3M - While looking for sprint parts for TSB, I got distracted... EA82 +wings

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  • One for B3M - While looking for sprint parts for TSB, I got distracted... EA82 +wings

    Brians post on the GeeBee R1 struck me as ironic - I had thought about posting this up on Monday for Boxer3m abd Walt (where is Walt?)

    background was there is a page out there in the ether that has a good conversion article for a Subi EA82 to EFI and great detail on how the guy built his own manifold. I was trying to find it to share with Randal, and since they were using SDS EFI conversion, I went to this page:

    The planes in there use a lot of EA82 and Suzuki / Honda V6 automotive engines converted for air use. I was slobbering of a couple of them - particularly these little guys.

    cool enough for Bangshift?
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    There's a group of guys that fly out of our field that use the Subbies to power their X-planes. A few have even run the old 4.3 GM vortec V6's .....
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      I used to follow an old aviation ea82 group on yahoo...advice for power.
      as it turns out, they use old algorithms, not much pioneering..
      until I found the dohc ea82 in australia..and then of course, it belonged more as a formula 1 race engine than an airplane on a thumping a stable throttle..
      they'll figure it out someday.

      something that startled me way back when..was the newer engines veering away from gear driven disty. heavy duty trochoid oil pumps, all for a few hundred cc dragging at 5 main bearings that cannot even rid of crankscase blowby in extremes.
      the EJ onward is frightening by my own learnings. not even close to aviation standards..

      anyway, that is cool stuff. I have found the ea82 in a louisana bog boat, big fan on the back, a tiny speed boat.. a home made 4x4, in the back of a vw beetle, and a 912, vanagons..
      alot of uses.
      I'd love to see fisker use one waterboxer to power their generator.
      as dynamical as self balance.
      big one little one, offset a cam to retard, sounding like a v8, or center it to a screaming motorcycle without the twack...I love those little boxers.
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        That is more my speed than a typical homebuilt... A nice cruise speed, some distance, and the ability to get back home quicker than 14 hours and do it while having fun and looking good. Make mine look like a P40 though.


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          Friend of mine is building one of those,lots of work.
          He has 3 builds in verious stages he has bought as stalled projects. I think I may be putting my A&P skills to use helping him get some of the most difficault steps copleted so he can sell off those kits to others.