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  • Hi,
    We're Gary And Loretta. Joined because we are going to long haul the HRPT, which has been on my list for years. We are Ranchers in Montana (its a long haul just to get to the long haul!) We've both been into cars forever. Drag race, autocross, rock crawl and car shows. If you want to know more my website is on my profile.


    • I plan on doing the Hot Rod Power Tour long haul in my Corvette this year.


      • This is how the Power Tour ended last year for me.


        • Originally posted by eflow73 View Post

          I plan on doing the Hot Rod Power Tour long haul in my Corvette this year.
          I wanna know about that Bug in the background. Whatcha got in it?
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          • I'm Joe. I'm from Metro Detroit, and I have a '96 Dakota with a V6, 5 speed, and 267,000 miles. And not a single rust free panel on it. Did I mention I'm 17?

            But nobody wants to hear about that thing. Naw, it's my grandfather's cars that are interesting.

            The '67 Chevelle SS. Real SS car, but not stock, nor will it ever be. 396, TH400, 4.56. Edelbrock Performer 2-0, Holley 750. It has 225/70/15 front tires, and 255/70/15 rear tires (it had a killer rake before the coil spacers went in because the front tires rubbed even worse than the do now). This thing scoots. But, it's also got manual steering, and manual (DRUM!) brakes.

            Bought in '97 with murals on it, it was repainted then basically shoved in storage. It was brought home at my insistence in 2007, driven a few times, then shoved under his carport with a bad starter. In 2014, we fixed that, but dry rotted tires prevented it from being driven. But we put it in our garage to keep it out of the weather.

            Last year, we fixed that and then gave it a tune up, which is when the throttle rod broke where it goes through the floor. Fixed THAT, and finally! Roadworthy after 10 years! Now, it needs a passenger door latch (refuses to open from inside), narrower front wheels (they rub) and possibly a shifter, since the Pro-Matic 2 doesn't work right.

            I get a vibe of backyard hot rod from this thing, weirdly, specifically 90s backyard hot rod. No idea why. Perhaps it's the fact most of the aftermarket stuff is from that period. Click image for larger version

Name:	004.JPG
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            The '68 Camaro:
            454, TH400, and 3.73s. This one's pretty much a "Day 2" street machine.

            The 454 has a Comp Magnum Hyd. Flat tappet (.575 lift/.305 dur.), an Edelbrock C427X intake, and.... no carb right now, since the Holley 750 decided to wet the be- err, intake. This car has air shocks, slapper bars, a Sun Super Tach and matching Oil PSI gauge (temp gauge is a tiny AutoMeter- have the Sun gauge, but want to convert it to mechanical), and of course, Cragars.

            It's got Flowmasters, but I'd like to bolt a pair of Purple Hornies to the headers. But, since it's not mine, I cannot do this. It needs a carb, and an aluminum radiator, because it over heats contstantly.

            It was originally a 4 speed, but way back in the 80s, along with the 396 it had (I got in contact with the guy who owned it back in the day, apparently it's an original L78, but I have no paperwork, so I don't know for certain), it got ditched for the TH400 in it now. I'd love to put a Rockcrusher in it, but I just can't afford one.

            Front tires are 215/60/15, rears are 255/60/15. It'd have more rake if the airshocks still worked. Those also need to be replaced. Click image for larger version

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            1987 Grand National

            This one's more or less stock, except for a larger impeller in the turbo, and *possibly* (grandfather doesn't remember) a chip. Needs paint and bumper fillers badly. I can't remember the tire size, but my mind is saying 235/60/15. It needs a fuel pressure regulator, and the injectors could use a cleaning. Click image for larger version

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            And last, but not least, is the Foxbody. 1989 Mustang GT.
            Out of the 4, this is possibly the most fun. It's the only stick out of the 4. The list is long. 65mm throttlebody, Hurst short throw shifter (probably the shortest I've ever seen), a different first and second gear (I don't know the ratios), 3.55 gears, home made sub frame connectors, a 5th gear (and reverse) lockout that Pappaw designed himself, and no mufflers. It absolutely screams. Oh, and 275/60/15 rear tires. Click image for larger version

Name:	062.JPG
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            Video of all 4 can be found on my YouTube channel. (Not trying to shill, just too lazy to go to each video after typing that mini-novel above.) Also, would like to apologize for Dad and his PJ's in the GN video. Whenever we get to fixing it I'll make a better video of it.

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            • welcome in buddy! my son Sean started with a pickup as well... there is nothing wrong in a little rust... effort and pride is all that can be asked of will go far!
              Patrick & Tammy
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              • Hello,

                I am a newbie!!! I live/work in Utah & Colorado,and am currently getting closer to finishing my '35 Ford 5 Window Coupe-this has been a long term project (even though I work on it every week)-should be done this Year, and I am excited about that-here's a couple of pictures (they are about 6 Months old-the car is farther along)-

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                • WOW...Welcome to the fray! Humble Pie is definitely a misnomer... keep those pix coming! And, please, Start a build thread on the project cars update!
                  Patrick & Tammy
                  - Long Haulin' 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014...Addicting isn't it...??


                  • Long time reader, figured I'd join up.
                    Name's Ian and I'm from just outside of Canberra, Australia, so the home of the Summer Nats. If it moves under it's own power I'm into it, I appreciate pretty much any style, any car etc. Used to swing spanners for a living many years ago, but the only "project" was an aborted Datsun 720 KC which was scrapped due to a twisted chassis.
                    Current family car is a late model Citroen mini people mover thing, I figure might as well drive something interesting even if it's boring.


                    • Welcome to the BS guys, looking forward to some fresh input.


                      • Howdy, my name is Nate Savage 29. I'm in Newton, Ia. I tinker with old fords mostly and small stuff. I've had about 35 cars (counting the boring one's and parts cars). I've had my 1968 falcon for six years, spent too much in it to let go.


                        • Welcome to the forum Nate .. look forward to hearing more about your stuff when you get back from Power Tour.


                          • Howdy. I'm Danny. I came here for turbo cadillac big block info... and there's so much neat stuff I had to sign up.
                            There's a bunch of Ford stuff at my house, but don't be fooled, no brand loyalty here.

                            I'll be bugging you guys mostly with a 1953 Chevy Truck 472 Cad, Tko-600, MII 4 link street/strip(ish) build... but i'm also constantly wrenching on a fox mustang autocross car, an LS2 powered sand car, my father in laws 461ci 4 speed 74' Trans Am and of course the near 25 year old daily driver trucks that I can't get sick of ...

                            Thanks ahead for answering all my dumb questions.


                            • there are NO dumb questions... just be open and willing to learn.... just dont be THAT GUY...
                              BTW...welcome aboard! start some project update threads....we all need inspiration!
                              Patrick & Tammy
                              - Long Haulin' 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014...Addicting isn't it...??


                              • Welcome to the best car forum on the planet Danny !