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    Re: Short Intro's

    Hi, I'm a car junkie! I'm crazy enough to be partners with Keith Turk in the East Coast Timing Association, thank God for Donna(the love of my life) and Saint Tonya. LOL
    After 30 years of drag racing everything from stockers, gassers to dragsters, I found land speed racing 11 years ago. Member of the ECTA & Bonneville Two MPH clubs, I'm currently building a Blown Fuel Streamliner for Bonneville. Of course, Donna drove a Street Roadster at B-ville this year so she wants a Modified Roadster.
    A chassis builder by trade, Keith let me glue up his Camaro a few years ago. Donna & I helped with Dragweek '06...had a ball!!! Hated missing '07!

    Wishing David & Chad the Best!!!



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      Re: Short Intro's

      my name is Dustin, I'm a mopar only guy
      Keith Turk is my hero..
      nothing else matters
      Dustin, in Cincinnati


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        Re: Short Intro's

        Hey, my name is Bill Voorhees, I'm a 26+ yr automotive tech, engine builder, a HRM forum mod, and all around car junkie. I hail from Lansing, Michigan, 40 yrs. old.
        Am currently getting ready to assemble the HRM forum project 454ci BBC for Jrptb's 69 Chevelle.
        I would be happy to help in any way possible.


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          Re: Short Intro's

          I am Joe Roberts. I have over the years been involved in various forms of automotive fun. In my youth I autocrossed an Austin Healy Sprite, later on my wife and I rallied in a wonder Saab 96. For the past few years I have gotten into Studebakers. I presently have a '61 Studebaker Champ pickup with an Avanti (Studebaker) R1 engine in it. I have just gotten a '65 Studebaker Cruiser that my uncle bought new.
          I have been a course worker for at Maxton, North Carolina, where the East Coast Timing Association holds its speed trials five times a year.
          I am a retired school teacher (31 years) and have recently moved out into the country where I can have an old car or two (or???) setting around without complaint. I live in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

          Joe Roberts


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            Re: Short Intro's

            The Doc

            I won't bore you with a resume or a C.V.
            43 years young but apparently stuck in my teens.
            Father of five (ages 15, 12,11,3 and 10 months)
            Super hot cradle robbed wife
            Same hot rod since age 15 years, (I bought it for 1,300.00 and worked my ass off to pay for it)
            It came with an inline 250 cid 6 cylinder and a powerglide, this was quickly replaced with a 355 and a TH400
            Super pro points champion at KCIR 1988 with super gas 1952 chevy
            Pediatrician and owner of private practice and employs 3 physicians and 14 nurses, receptionists, records, and management staff.
            Attended Drag Week 2005 at KCIR and knew I had to compete in 2006 and won pro street N/A 2007.
            Fastest normally aspirated car of any class both years at Drag Week I attended.
            555 EFI BBC with 400TH and old school back half big tire car with a 4-link


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              Re: Short Intro's

              Crap, I didnt even see this section before my last post.

              Well I work for a local ford dealer in the parts dept. My brother owns the 2006 HRM Top Speed Challenge Winner. Its a 1971 camaro. Im lucky enough to drive and sink money into it on occasion. I am a member of the ECTA 200mph club with a speed of 205.531mph. (slow) I also hold a few other records in the 150's with my previous car. Other then that I lead a borring life.

              Congrats to David and Chad on their new venture!!!!! Good luck.


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                Re: Short Intro's

                My name is Michael Linburg, (grumpy as most people know me) and I'm in Minnesota, I'm 55 and have 2 kids, a daughter 22, and a son 18, some of you know my son.

                I drive semi's during the day (to pay the bills) work part time at night in a gas station (got to love a hoist when your into cars) and I'm into photography and Digital Imaging so if any of you get something in the mail or I ask you for your address, don't worry, I think you'll like what I send you.

                By the way, can anyone tell me how to get in touch with Mr. Larson (Pink Nova)? He's my first victim from DW 07 this year .

                My car is a 2004 Dodge SRT-4. I know a lot of people don't like the FWD cars but I'm having a ball with it. I've done all 3 Drag Weeks, for 07 I got down to a 12.15 @117. I think it would have run in the 11's with new slicks and a driver that was healthy . I'll hit it next year.

                Well that's about all I


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                  Re: Short Intro's

                  Matt White, currently residing in Ga. 46 year's old and a custom home builder by profession. No kids that I know of. The only dependent I have right now is a goofy ass Australian Shepard, very smart animal and his personality just makes it better.
                  "Somewhere the zebra is dancing". Garth Stein's The art of racing in the rain.



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                    Re: Short Intro's

                    Grump... You have a Hot Rod... and you drive the snot out of it... PERFECT... faster then Rusty ain't it? shoot in 3rd gear I'd bet...



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                      Re: Short Intro's

                      Sup everyone I'm Jay.
                      I'm a 27 year old USAF jet engine mechanic. For the past 6 years I have been "an ls1" guy, then we had our 1st child and my former pride and joy was replaced. I was a spectator at DW05, and I finished DW06, missed this year due to a deployment(well and not having something to bring). I get to hang out every now and then with real hardcore car guys. Since I am in nebraska I get to see some very cool projects and Kyle keeps us locals up on everything that goes on in the car world. I'm here to see some cool stuff, ask for occasional advice and hopefully get my own hunk of junk to look cool some how. ;D


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                        Re: Short Intro's

                        Mike Thompson roscoe Il. Mostly a chevy dude known for my S10s. A big thanks to DF and gang to give us a cool place to display them w/ the power not just the shine. Meeting people like the Turks and Kyle just makes it all worth while.


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                          Re: Short Intro's

                          I'm Barry Rabotnick - (no cool sounding sign in name...)
                          I live just outside of Detroit. Older (49) guy with younger wife & three young daughters under 6 years. Obviously not doing something right...

                          Been in the performance industry for a long time now - first with Holley, then with Federal-Mogul/Speed-Pro. Now on my own with Survival Motorsports as a result of a corporate execution. I've know David F for several years.

                          Ex-Street Racer - - I did that every non-snowing weekend darn near as a profession for twenty years or so...along with a pretty serious concurrent bracket racing binge for ten years 'til they closed Detroit Dragway.

                          I own a 10 sec '69 Torino that ran in the first Pump Gas Drags with a 505 inch FE motor. My severe FE habit has become the focus of my business. Currently caught up in the Engine Masters Challenge thing - entered an FE (big surprise) for the past three years. Also have a '46 Ford with a SBC that is somewhere in between being a street rod, a rat rod and a POS. Right now nothing is running.


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                            Re: Short Intro's

                            Grumpy.You didnt get a "Moon"pic of Larson did you?? Or was it him talking to the Iowa State trooper?MCrow has contact info and I'll forward it to you!- Stratus guy.


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                              Re: Short Intro's

                              My name's casey, I'm an alcoholic...and I like children

                              just kidding...well, about the children part anyway. I'm 21 from the texas coast & I'm building a '71 Nova, a '67 opel, and a minibike.

                              I'm always looking to learn, and I've got a good sense of humor, and I'm on the internet, so you can't offend me. if I take something too far, just let me know.

                              I'm always looking to help out with a problem, and I have an idea this board wiull grow much larger than my normal hang-out, so if you need anything, just shoot me a PM.


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                                Re: Short Intro's

                                The name's Scott. Currently I drive limos in LA, yes the rich and famous too. I fix my friends old cars on my days off for extra cash. I've been a car guy since the day I was born according to my parents. I've been playing with the real ones since my sixteenth birthday. I'm still learning new stuff everyday and I love that. I'm currently considering getting out of the limo biz altogether and into car restoration and modification field.

                                My main project is the 65 Impala SS in the signature. It's currently running a pretty mild 383 with 4 spd.
                                BS'er formally known as Rebeldryver

                                Resident Instigator