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Bugging the heck outa me

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  • Bugging the heck outa me

    Might be just me...
    Seems my refresher doesnt wanna work sometimes.
    AND...weird threads that have been dead , for example,
    Redball express, and motovstional posters had last post dates of 2011.. Are showing up as new and not seeing new posts..

    Just thought I'd throw it out there and see if I'm losing my mind! Ohh wait.. My wife tells me I ain't got one to lose!

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    I haven't noticed a problem DB. For some reason I can't log on with my phone though. That one is probably operator error though.
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      Seeing several old threads with old post dates..
      But got refreshed when I hit back button...
      Guess I need to reboot


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        I get that too deafbob, every year.
        you tube doesn't even keep a time on what I have watched...

        the delay seems six days.

        any void is a yo-yo internet. its a timestamp thing, cache..
        it sucks to be bouncing around.
        if new stuff still shows up, problem is not serious.
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          Yeah, Red Ball, Protest Race against the US Nationals by Garlitst.... I just figured Brian was recycling during the Christmas holiday.
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            Red Ball got a new post, so it will get back on the "What's New" pages because of current post. Not sure on the others
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              Running some "best of" content on the front page.
              That which you manifest is before you.


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                Cool...I thought I was just loosin it..(again)...Thanks...
                Patrick & Tammy
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                  Originally posted by Beagle View Post
                  Red Ball got a new post, so it will get back on the "What's New" pages because of current post. Not sure on the others
                  It showed up... I read it... It's last post was before my join date.. Got interested enough to ask what happened to it... Thus the bump by a raw rookie.. Come to think of it, that large headed fool STILL hasn't answered my question yet, altho Monk was man enough to..

                  I think I better hunt it up and see if Mr Lohnes has indeed answered....

                  Oops... Guess the kind Mr Lohnes did answer me..
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