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    Re: What are you CRAVING!

    Best pic I can wrangle is this link:

    Best burger on the planet (at least that I've found yet - and I've been looking for decades). One just a mile or so away from home and a few sprinkled around town. WONDERFUL hand-cut fries that used to be potatoes in the recent past - you often see them cutting up a batch on a manual machine. Pretty much everyone who comes to visit gets taken there.



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      Re: What are you CRAVING!

      winters meal

      was just watching one of those cooking shows that waste all kinds of energy for slices of bread and some fancy topping.

      I get very hungry in january. An "endless pit" all summer makes me even worse to think about.

      my own winters meal, I may make a vid of it.
      I have made the darndest things at 3 in the morning.
      in the big frying pan:
      bacon, more for the fat and flavor, as shriveling bacon is useless,
      boneless pork rib, fat sliced off..throw it in the pan
      stir fry veggies
      hamburg as meatballs, or just throw the darn hamburg in
      sliced up chicken breast
      slice up the pork

      cook it as stir fry, time in the veggies know what to do.

      sometimes I get a stir fry veggie bag frozen with seperate terriyaki sauce in the bag, or can get it separate.

      rice in another pan.

      throw it on top of the rice.

      very good meal. ..for people that burn it off.


      am cooking that right now.

      bacon, pork tenderloin, hamburger, chicken strips, terriyaki sauce, stir fry veggies thrown in later…all over rice.
      about 5 pounds of meats before cook, hard telling where that ends up in overall weight.

      I was reading about some stomach virus southern maine. To me, that is life or death... I hardly call this a panic meal. I kept quantity reasonable.
      this meal makes me drool like an animal.
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