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Biggest bone head wrenching mistakes as a teenager

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    Originally posted by brandontinley View Post
    Ok it's not really me that made the mistake but it was, I was changing the oil on my wife's van and I drained the oil and left the plug out for a few minutes and went to the bathroom, well I lowered the car down, because I have children who are curious about cars, I am in the bathroom and I hear the van fire up and take off.the wife decided to go to the store for groceries. I learned two lessons that day,1. Take the keys when u leave a car that you are working on alone. And 2. A van engine will live 4 miles round trip with no oil in it whatsoever but it will rattle like a can with rocks in it all the way home. O and on I side note I cannot run down a van to catch it,,,,
    Hey Brian, I just found out how you can get rid of that Pacifica.
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      If you don't want the Pacifica this would make a great video of the death of a pos... Just a thought of a cool video